Official News

September Update

Marriage has been a feature on the server for quite some time now. As we are an RP-orientated server, it would be nice to take “marriage” beyond the commands and do what we can to make it more valuable.  Love and companionship should be celebrated and embraced. We’re looking forward to attending your weddings!

This will introduce player priests and to obtain a priest license, you either have to have a donor rank or unlock it by purchasing the permission with ingame money from the sign beside Father Dexxipus at /warp marry. /warp marry - Teleports to you a wedding chapel in Manhattan.

Landies and gentlemen, mythical creatures and all beings, our very First Command Shop ever has been released! Previously, these perms were restricted to donors only. Now you can unlock them with in-game money at /warp utilities

Command Shop Catalog:

  • Feed/Eat - $35,000
  • Portable Workbench /Craft, /Workbench - $50,000
  • Hat Command - $50,000
  • PWeather - $100,000
  • PTime - $150,000

We have also introduced the Divine Trainer who can be found at the warp mentioned above. He is currently offering Attribute Resets and also an additional /Class Acc Slot.

News from the GM Department

New DemiGod Lore Released! 

Click Here to Read

Note: RP information will be archived in our wiki soon!

1.12 Update

Lord_Bloodoath OWNER posted Jul 17, 18

The Mighty 1.12 Update

The wait is over! The Realm of Percy Jackson has been updated to Minecraft Version 1.12.2! The main motivation behind this update is to make the realm more accessible, seeing that this version is preferred. We have decided to turn it up a few notches and take that opportunity to add some of our own new content to make it even better.

To celebrate, there is a x2 Boost in mcMMO for a limited time so take advantage of it and climb up the highscores to the very top! During this special time, we will be doing a handful of Events &Giveaways so make sure you’re online! Expect things like... Epic battles against Chronos...

Rediscover Camp Half-Blood and explore the revitalized and improved cabins with potential RP opportunities designed for our loyal community. Our build team has remodeled each and every individual cabin from the inside-out, giving it a new concept that is more true to what it represents while meeting your demands. No longer shall you be restricted in the clustered confines of the cabins! This truly is a treat to all you Greek Demigods out there! Not to worry Romans, you are next! Updating Camp Jupiter itself is fine but when you add New Rome to the equation, all we can say is “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.



The star of this update is the introduction of our Official Resource Pack! Some of you may remember the one we had before over a year ago… Let’s just say that we have taken this one to a whole different level working with a professional artist to ensure high quality. Every model and texture is tailored towards the needs of the server and this Alpha Version already introduces 28 unique 3D Models with additional retextures. You'll be relieved to know that most of the nifty models are going to be available to non donors as well. You will be able to obtain these items in various ways, like: shopkeepers, quests, crafting, crates and more!

Resource Pack Info: Our resource pack should download automatically as you join the Realm of Percy Jackson. If you’re having trouble, click here to read our guide.


What is mentioned above are only the core features for the 1.12 update. This means that we will be releasing minor patch updates with new content fairly regularly from now on. You can look forward to the new wilderness and the switch from Factions to Towny. With a new map comes a new spawn and our builders never fail to impress and it’s easy to say that this is our best wild spawn yet!  We’re looking forward to watching Hermits emerging into Kingdoms and Nations.

A lot of you have a lot of money and you’re running out of things to spend it on. Well, listen to our pitch! A balanced economy will be introduced with a custom scripted GUI Shop system. Buying and selling items (vanilla) is just a click away! This new system is also complementary to Towny as it will enable mayors and emporers to create their towns and kingdoms the way they want with the blocks they want!

Other things to look forward to!

  • Full Website Revamp! (Coming Very Soon!)
  • Revised and Improved Items with new additions.
  • New Quests!
  • Godly Bosses & More Monsters!
  • New & Exciting Event Lines & Lore!
  • NPC Shopkeepers that Sell Commands!
  • The Heliopolis, Egypt, Mummies & Pyramids!
  • Updated Camp Jupiter & New Rome
  • More Dungeons!

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We're celebrating Summer & the release of 1.12! 

Leseratte17 Next update Magnus Chase??? PLZ
XxOblivion Still no aether... sob Assuming the aether officially got scrapped?

Easter 2018

Easter Campfire

We are eggstatic to announce the beginning of our Easter holiday event! To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun, the seasonal event will run all month long starting on Easter day, the 1st of April. On top of the usual egg hunting, our team will be hosting a variety of events for you to take part in while being able to earn awesome rewards! We’re looking forward to seeing all of you in the realm and we hope you enjoy what we’ve got to offer this year.

The Easter Bunny

  • For this special occasion, we have introduced a new mob, the Easter Bunny. As much as we love animals, these bunnies drop “chocolate eggs” which can be used to trade the Easter Vendor for exclusive goodies!
  • Easter Bunnies will randomly spawn in the following worlds: Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, The Wilderness.
  • When an Easter Bunny spawns near you, its coordinates will be announced in chat so be sure to keep an eye out while you’re going through your day.

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To make April even more awesome; our builders have decided to treat the Greeks by refurbishing the cabins. As they recently started, the cabins will gradually be completed so look around when you’ve got the chance and let us know what you think! Above is the new and improved Aphrodite Cabin.

DiamondBosses Yay happy Easter everyone thanks for the eggcelent holiday fun!

St. Patrick's Day

Lord_Bloodoath OWNER posted Mar 16, 18

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Paddy's day everyone! Whether you are Irish or not, we hope you have an awesome weekend filled with fun and joy! As we can't all celebrate together in the pub (to our adults!), the least we can do is give you all a St. Patrick's Day Sale which is extended to the 20th of March! 

The Lucky Crate

A new crate has just dropped and we have to say, there are some serious prizes to win! By unleashing the bountiful Lucky Crate, you can unlock and collect a variety of mounts and exotic pets that will surely put a spotlight on you! To make sure this crate does not disappoint, we have added new mounts like Magic Brooms and Galactic Speeders! On top of that, you will receive a unique reward every time you unlock the crate, unless you win our cash prize of $150,000!

During this special time of year, the luck of the Irish is upon us! 

It's time to get lucky! Click here to grab your keys now!


Official Logo

Lord_Bloodoath OWNER posted Feb 27, 18

The Realm of Percy Jackson's Official Logo Unveiled

Ladies, gentlemen and mythical creatures; we proudly present to you the new official logo for The Realm of Percy Jackson!
We were fortunate enough to be able to work with talented artists, known for their art on various renowned servers. We've always had a logo for our network but not for this amazing server that we all love so it has been long over due! It is all thanks to you, our epic community that we are able to make wonders like this happen.The four characters represent the four mythologies: Greek, Roman, Ancient Egyptian & Norse. As this is the case, we will make sure the logo stands true to what we have so expect expansions coming soon! 

Twitter Contest

It's been forever since we've had our last Twitter contest so it's time for you to get the chance to win big! Other than the sweet reward, you will also be doing the community a big favor by helping us spread the word. 

How To Enter

  1. Follow 
  2. Retweet & Like

We will be randomly picking 5 lucky participants who will receive x3 Lucky Keys! Contest Ends: 31st of March

We should also let you know that our Donation Store just had a makeover!  It now has a modern and responsive design with improved code to make your experience with us better. Our website: is next in line as it hasn't had a makeover in a long time so be looking forward to that!

DiamondBosses Omg I love it great job Steph and to the artist for the logo of this server!