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GM team and Halloween!

By Diesel_TM - Posted Oct 6, 18

Hello Wizry, so its Diesel speaking. As most of you may know, Halloween is one of the most renowned and famous international festivities of all time, and as you guys might expect, Wizry does not stay behind when it comes to celebration.

That is why I and the Wizry staff have decided to celebrate it not only during the 31st of October but during this entire month. Few of you may know that over the last weeks I and several other staff members have been brainstorming ideas and events to do during the month of October, so here is a short summary of activities related to the roleplaying aspect of the Real of Percy Jackson.

Halloween Lore: Thanks to our GM CtrlAltDel1cious, during the month of October, the GM team will implement a short Halloween based lore for our players to experience where they will be able to develop their characters, earn feats and items! - More information on that in the RP news section of the forums.

Roleplaying eventsOf course, during the month of October, the GM team will be bumping into random RP's in order to deliver an immersive experience for our players and will attempt to develop short linear stories for our players to experiment, so yeah! - Keep an eye out there when roleplaying, because we are watching and we are ready to deliver!

Halloween TownThat's right! - The Halloween town is back and with brand new items for you, players to earn. Team up with your friends and slain mobs to earn candies and jawbreakers which you will be able to exchange for limited edition items which are also RP usable and will keep coming till the 31st of October!  So team up with your friends, get your weapon and kill some mobs at  /ewarps halloween_town