Official News

October is fantastic as it is but we’re going to make it even better! We will be introducing our first ever Halloween Exclusive Quest this October, thanks to our newly knighted Quest Editors, LS_CKnight & Fluorine_ and we’re just getting started! A collection of Morbid relics and antiquities  conjured by our GMs will be available for you to collect during the month while defeating terrifying monsters, trick-or-treating from cabin to cabin or being part of a spine-chilling RP event. There is much much more to look forward to this October in the Realm and if this hasn’t excited you already, the list below should do the trick! 

Before we get to it, here's your treat!

Behold, The Heliopolis

October Agenda

◘ The Heliopolis: Our long-awaited Egyptian expansion has been reworked by our talented builders entirely and we must say, the hard-work has definitely paid off! The majestic Heliopolis comes with a vast desert, inhabited by jackals and scarabs while mummies lurk below in the tombs and pyramids.

◘ Forges: This mechanic introduces an incentive and reason to have XP. Forges will be placed in defined locations. To illustrate, interacting with a forge in the Heliopolis will give you Egyptian options for the items that you can “forge” like a Bronze Khopesh. - Thanks to Land1401

◘ Mythical Monsters: A tier system will be introduced for mobs to help with organization so lowest level monsters will be represented like so ‘Cyclops [T1]’ - All monsters will be reworked, new ones will be added and spawners will be moved around in the world. Accordingly with the Tier system, mob drops will also be grouped into Tiers.

◘ Quests: Current quests are already in the process of being improved while new quests are being designed. Camp Othrys and Heliopolis will no longer be excluded so prepare for nomadic adventures and tomb raiding!

◘ Crates: Our first ever RP crate will be arriving very soon! On top of that, we will be revising and improving the current loot-tables in our current crates.

◘ Banks: These will be operating in key locations like CHB, CJ, Manhattan, CO and the Heliopolis. Store your items, money and XP and if you really want to get into it, take out loans, gain interest and keep your bank extra safe with a pin-code.

◘ Player Menu: Navigation can be a struggle with the abundance of features that we have. The player menu will always be placed in the players’ inventory and upon right-clicking, a menu will open with a selection of useful utilities like player stats, skills & abilities, quest journal etc.

◘ More Rentable Plots: Current plots will be enlarged in areas like New Rome and new rentable plots will be created in areas like Camp Half-Blood and the Heliopolis. We'd like to give you more options. Imagine a nice villa by the beach, facing Long Island Sound and the islands...

◘ New Tutorial: Information boards… Fugget about it! We’re replacing that old-skool shenanigans with state of the art holographic displays, improved builds and it will be completely remodeled with a promise to make education fun!

◘ New Spawn: A brand new spawn will be created as it has to accommodate all the changes we will be making.


Thank you very much for your time and we would also like to thank every single one of you for your support. We would not be able to do any of this without you, our community and to show our gratification, we will continue to do our best to create content that you can enjoy. It should be pointed out that this list will be updated and we'll be keeping you notified of changes and progress in future articles.

In other news, you can now create Character Cards! This allows you to have a saved copy of your character's details in-game. Viewing another players' character card is as simple as shift+right-click on their player model.

Save The Date! Halloween celebration in the realm starts on the 1st of October
Events begin, the dead will rise and goths shall fly!