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Towny & The Ancient World

By Lord Bloodoath OWNERo - Posted Sep 10, 18

Hello everyone! We have some exciting news and it’s been difficult to hold it all back before making this post. We do have some bad news though… The new wild world with towny is going to be delayed. So that answers your question if you’re wondering when the wild reset will take place. Initially, the new wild world will be hosted on a separate server to reduce lag - now as this process will take time either way, we thought - why not take this opportunity to take this server to a whole different level? Now you might be wondering… What’s the big idea? Ladies & gentlemen, below is a glimpse of the future. We hope it excites you just as much as it excites us!  


Enter the Ancient World where myths and legends are true and where men coexist with monsters. Play as your favorite ancient civilization, work your way up from hamlet to emperor and fight for your people! The Realm of Percy Jackson on the Wizry Network is the largest and oldest Minecraft server of its kind, running since early 2013. The earliest known versions of Ancient Greek myths date back more than 2,700 years and to this day, the topic of mythology is very relevant, giving us an additional reason to pursue this exciting project.


  • ◘ Based on Ancient Civilizations & Mythology
  • ◘ Races
  • ◘ Roleplay
  • ◘ Custom Towny Survival
  • ◘ Custom Items & Enchantments
  • ◘ Custom generated world with handmade schematics
  • ◘ Mythical Monsters - Randomly spawning in different biomes
  • ◘ Player Driven Economy - Players set up their own stalls at the market in the spawn city, however there will be a small admin shop for decorative items.
  • ◘ Jobs 
  • ◘ MCMMO
  • ◘ Unique Airship Traveling System

Choose your Alliance

Before you’re able to step out into the ancient world, you must pick a faction. Allowing you to only pick one ancient civilization’s culture is too restrictive so we have grouped the similar ones together to allow more content and opportunities.

Start out with Four of your Favorite Ancient Civilizations, with Extended Mythologies from each region.

  • ◘ Greek/Roman/Etruscan (South European mythologies)
  • ◘ Anglo-Saxon/Frankish/Norse/Slavic (Germanic mythologies)
  • ◘ Egyptian/Semitic/Sumerian (Middle-Eastern mythologies)
  • ◘ Mayan/Aztec/Olmec (Central American mythologies)

More will be added in future expansions like Japanese


  • ◘ Races brings a brand new way to PvP. Races allow you to pick a side to fight for and to conquer the world. Races allow you to fight other races and to protect your own.
  • ◘ Race Vaults - All of the players in each Race have access to a Vault that is specific to that Race. Only that Race can access that Vault so that each Race can share and transfer items to help each other out.
  • ◘ Traits - Every race is assigned a unique passive trait that will give them an advantage. For instance, Mayans have higher jump, allowing them to travel faster in dense jungles.
  • ◘ Competition - display the top races on your server. (their balance and kills)
  • ◘ Race Channels - By using the dynamic channel it allows the player to see 2 channels at once for example if a player is a Human they can see global chat and Human chat they can easily type in the human's chat by typing /channel (msg) or switch to the human's chat by just typing /channel

The Ancient World

The Ancient World is as beautiful as it is dangerous. Using the most powerful world generator, we are able to create custom generated biomes tailored to our needs to give you a world that will fill you with wanderlust. While you’re out on an expedition in the tundra, encountering a Yeti or a Jötunn. Mythical monsters will be programmed to spawn in defined biomes to take adventures to the next level!

Each race will have their own capital city, fashioned distinctively to reflect its cultures. These cities will act as the starting point for its members and also a common ground where players can rent housing, visit the shops and utilities. To help you visualize, the Ancient Egyptians’ will have a majestic kingdom in the desert with pyramids, obelisks and a bizarre - The Aztecs will be situated in the jungle, having floating gardens and temples. It should also be mentioned that these capital cities will be assigned a biome whereby the race will be motivated to protect and conquer, claiming it as their own. The Main Spawn will be a metropolitan city, acting as a hub, safezone and also the center of trade. Here, all races can coexist in peace without the worries of PVP or Monsters.

Note: As mentioned above, the Ancient World is a beautiful place so it’d be a shame to see that change. A Resource World will be available for you to gather resources and carry out environmentally damaging activities like mining, woodcutting, excavating etc.

Unique Traveling System

Every now and then an airship would appear at the capital city’s dock. The airship is programmed to stop by the docks at each of the  races’ spawns, one by one. Once you step onto the airship, it will give you a countdown before it leaves to its next destination and once it’s time, the airship teleport with you after physically moving a few blocks forward. Instead of using the typical /warp command, this method will be introduced to create a more immersive experience in traveling. You could imagine to find players guarding the airship docks in each of the cities to make sure the opposing races aren’t raiding and on the other hand, instead of marching your troops over from your homeland to another to visit, you could simply get on this airship and take the risk!

This project is at a very early stage of development so more information will be released soon. Thank you very much for your time - We highly value your feedback and opinions so if you have some time to spare, we would really appreciate your comments about our upcoming project.