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Throwback to Our First Year

Lord_Bloodoath OWNERo posted Mar 14, 19

Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to find this video while I was organizing my files. This contains footage leading back to "The Realm of Percy Jackson's" first year, 2013. We have come such a long way and it's amazing to see how much has changed. I've decided to share this with you all in case you're interested and of course, to our veterans who have played for years. I hope you all enjoy! I look forward to hearing your comments about this.

Not many people can say that their community has been around for almost 7 years! We could not have done it without you, our beloved community. Thank you for all of your on-going support and it means a lot to have you all be part of our journey.

Lexolaz Ngl parts of this video are giving me chills
tablet2 tbh this was the best map we ever had too bad all the players stopped playing often
tablet2 omg i remember all of this

Hello everyone! It’s been a long while since we’ve had a Youtuber join us in our mythical realm. Danielle, who goes by the name of Denosaur, was kind enough to create a lengthy server review for us so we wanted to share it with you all. Danielle is a fairly new Youtuber but despite that, she has some quality videos and is doing very well already so be sure to check her channel out and show some support if you’ve enjoyed her content. It should also be mentioned that she has a handful of roleplay orientated videos so that may spark your interest. We hope you all enjoy this video as much as we did!


It’s time to say goodbye to the boring, old wooden signs! It’s 2019 after all. For the first time in years, our talented build team has created a whole New Tutorial map, inspired by Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. As a newbie, you’ll be greeted by Grover, the protector who will set you on your very first quest. Escape the school from bloodthirsty cyclops and once you make your way through the mythical portal and you think you’re safe - you’re wrong. Your next task is a dangerous, yet epic one and that’s to slay the minotaur who will try to stop you from getting to safety. The intention behind the introduction of this tutorial is to give our newbies a better first impression, setting them right into the mythical world while providing tips and information in a more interactive way.

We’ve been listening to you and heard about how you want new mechanics and activities in the game and this is how we’ll begin. We will be reintroducing custom crafting in our next update which is coming very soon! On top of that, custom mining & ores will also be implemented. If you’re a fan of MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or Runescape, you will already be familiar with this concept.

Mining sites will be found around areas like Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, The Underworld, Olympus, North Woods.. The list goes on. Anyways, by mining ores in these sites, you can prospect magical metals such as: Celestial Bronze, Imperial Gold, Stygian Iron and even more! As you could  imagine, our new mining system will tie in with our custom crafting, allowing you to acquire blessed and awesome items even easier!

So let’s call this new mining mechanism “RPG Mining” to help explain how it works.

  1. These special ores will only be found in designated mining sites, for example: In a cave at Olympus
  2. The ore will be represented as a regular ore
  3. Once you have successfully mined the ore, an item will drop, i.e Celestial Bronze Ore
  4. The ore block will turn into bedrock and have a cooldown, say 30 seconds before it reverts back into an ore that you can mine again.

We will be working hard to make this as best as we can for you so we hope you're looking forward to it! And please remember, if you have any suggestions or want to give us any feedback, we are always here to listen to you. 

greekgeek: How do I get to the tutorial?
hecate.blood whats the name of the server of this year ? (2019) for the Percy Jackson Camp Halfblood realm ?!
Icestorm_wolf Is there a way to access the new tutorial? I used to play a couple of years ago, but I quit and rejoined relatively rece...

A Jolly Start to December

Lord_Bloodoath OWNERo posted Nov 27, 18

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, One Gifterino! 

T’is the season to give and receive! For this joyful month of December ONLY, Donate and Receive this Month's Exclusive Pet, “Gifterino” with only a $15 minimum on your basket! During this special time of year, we are also introducing player referrals for the first time on our store.

 Refer a friend to donate this month and both of you can Reap the Rewards and enjoy your Gifteronos!

 The option to insert the referrer’s name will only pop-up if you have a minimum of $15 in your basket. 

  To Start your Christmas Shopping, visit or simply use the command '/buy' in-game.

Package Gifting

Since the beginning our players have been buying packages for each other but now we can finally support a gifting option with the release of this new, fantastic feature. When enabled it will allow players to log into our store using their own username and choose packages as normal. Then on the checkout page, they will be able to choose if a package is a gift and enter the username of the player they would like to give the package.

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Gifting has never been so easy! Send a Gift Now!

Some of you may be wondering, are we doing anything special this month? The answer is yes! Like every other major holiday, we aim to make the month as festive and fun as it can be for you, whether it’d be with the variety of extravagants events, seasonal items and roleplay. If you don’t want to miss anything, you better be hopping on the server like a kid trying to catch Santa in the act!

Regarding server development, we’ve been working hard but quietly since we’ve released the Egyptian Expansion and by the way, we hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are! We’ve got some big plans for the New Year and one of the highlights is of course, the new wilderness with towny. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on our site so be sure stay active! Last but not least, we hope you all have an amazing beginning to our favorite month and we are excited to celebrate with you!

Darrow25 Yall should advertise the server more on different platforms to gain recognition @

Hey everyone!  As we all know the Kane Chronicles Expansion is going to be released on the 31st of Octoberincluding Egypt and the Heliopolis. So what's a better way to kick things off than with a contest! We’ve got some great prizes to give away including five Magician Ranks, bags full of Talents and entire chains of Crate Keys!

The Contest

Pick an Egyptian god or goddess and write a story about how they host an animal or humanYou are free to decide your own god or goddess, and whether they have full control of the animal or human. 
A few examples of Ancient Egyptian Gods are:

☥ Osiris

☥ Bast

☥ Geb

☥ Nut

☥ Isis

☥ Set

☥ Thoth

Here's the rules

✔ Submit your contest entry here (Contests, "Writing: Gods of Egypt" subforum.

✔ Use your creativity to write the story, it must be original!

✔ The story must have a minimum of 500 words.

✔ All stories must be submitted before the deadline of the 11th of November.

Tip: Drawings and other creative ideas will get rewarded with extra credits!

The Rewards

First place - Magician rank + 3 crate keys of your choice + 25 talents

Second place - Magician rank + 2 crate keys of your choice + 20 talents

Third place - Magician rank + 1 crate key of your choice + 15 talents

Fourth place - Magician rank + 10 talents

Fifth place - Magician rank + 5 talents

Thanks to Druifjee for preparing the contest article and our awesome community managers for organizing this contest.  

klondike bars and ukuleles x Bump of Scrubs question, because the post says Nov 11th, the picture says Nov 7th, and the calendar says Nov 18th.
TheNameIsScrub Quick question, in the picture at the top of the post, in the bottom left corner it says the deadline is November 7th - ...