About The Realm

The Realm of Percy Jackson is the oldest and largest Roleplay Server of its kind, welcoming demigods from all around the world since early 2013. The realm is a dedicated roleplaying inspired by the award-winning novels by Rick Riordan, exploring the Greco-Roman, Ancient Egyptian and Norse mythologies. With custom items & monsters, quests, classes and an RP orientated chat, come on to have a casual chat with friends or make new ones through the shared love of roleplaying in our amazing community.


Choose Your Origin

A mythical realm of demigods and gods with all their rivalry hijinx.
Choose your origin, to join the Roman Legion of Camp Jupiter or
The Heroes of Camp Half-blood.


Godly Powers

Introducing 16 Unique Playable Classes! Each God & Goddess will provide unique skills and abilities to be passed onto you. Not to forget, our playable mythical creatures like our fauns and satyrs. These abilities can be used in PvP, Questing & even passive activities. Children of Artemis shall be skilled with the use of bows, Hades' kids wielding the fire of the underworld, you get the idea. Leveling up is as simple as putting monsters out of their misery but of course, you can also earn XP from completing quests - which will probably involve more bloodshed so there’s no escape. That’s what it takes to save our magical friends and lovely family… and the world of course! 


Quests & Adventures

What’s mythology without adventure? The Realm has over 50 unique quests that immerse you into the mythical multiverse.
Each quest has its own story, from cabin errands to battling against the Mighty Minotaur! Talk to your favorite characters from the books, go on epic adventures and be rewarded for your bravery! 

Your Quest Journal is the first stop - type in the command /Quests Journal to always have a list of your quests and its objectives with you. 
Tip: Quest givers are represented by NPCs with musical note particles above their heads.
Wizry - Carter Kane

Explore & Discover

Our RPG maps are built in-house, meaning that we’ve always had a group of talented builders dedicated to creating immersive worlds for you to explore, inspired by Riordan and a diversity of mythology - not to forget, pure imagination. To encourage exploration and adventure, we have done our best to make sure each and every cabin, cohort, cave or river has something to offer and isn't just a dead blank space. This goes hand in hand with questing as you could imagine. It should also be mentioned that we're big fans of 'Easter Eggs'. They're scattered throughout the worlds, some easier to find than others but see how many you can find.


Mythical Monsters

Demigods and Mythical Beings are sent to these camps for a reason. Stepping outside of these magical barriers is bad news unless you’ve got the right gear. The world is full of dangerous creatures that will stop your advances, however by killing them you reap the rewards! Our custom mobs system introduces over 60 new monsters to the game. - In this realm, stumbling upon a group of cyclops having a barbeque while you're having a stroll in the woods is... absolutely normal! Mythical Monsters can be found in major locations like Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter and the Heliopolis. If you want to go on a safari, North Woods is like the Amazon of mythical monsters with his high density and diversity in species so that's the place to go. 


Step into a world of dangers, rich lore and near infinite roleplay opportunities. Roleplaying is the very essence that started this community and server. To this day, the importance of it has only grown with our community’s love for it. You can start roleplaying right away, no matter the skill or experience. This is made possible by our Game Moderators, Helpful Staff members and our Friendly Community. 

To provide everyone with the best and most enjoyable roleplaying experience, we kindly ask you to read and do your best to not break the RP rules.
Click Here for Roleplay Rules & Guidelines

RP Orientated Chat System



Commands (Join , Leave)


 No range, everyone can see.

 /g , /leave g


 50 block range

 /l , /leave l


 No range

 /h , /leave h


 25 Blocks

 /rp , /leave rp


 25 Blocks

 /c , /leave c


 25 Blocks

 /o , /leave o


 5 Blocks

 /w , /leave w


 75 Blocks

 /s , /leave s




Since 2013, we have been entertaining our community with events hosted by our team. It’s safe to say that there’s something going on every day, giving life to the realm. The RP events bring unique experiences with our ever changing timeline and you cannot miss these events where you can have a lasting impact on the lore that encompasses the mythical realm. While that’s not happening, look out for OOC (out-of-character) events where the sole goal is to have fun! Expect things like Roman War Games, Bike Racing and Defend The Fleece.