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MC Username: Romalnvicta.
Discord: Druifjee#9725.
Current Characters: Charlotte West, Claire Byrd, Aelin Flynn.
Ban History: No serious bans.
Timezone/Country: GMT+1, the Netherlands.


Character Name: Charlotte West.
Character Age: Seventeen (not counting the ageless sleep).
Divine Heritage: Demigod, daughter of Pluto..
Power: Fear Manipulation.
Passive | Active:
Passive: Fear aura.
Active: Fear Manipulation, Fearful Moment Manipulation.


Fear aura

Charlotte can have a fear aura radiating around her making her more intimidating
to others and have them feel fear when she is close. This aura has a range of 10
meters and can be enabled and toggled at will.
She can sense it when someone experiences fear and create and manipulate fear.

Fear manipulation

The daughter of Pluto is able to strike fear in the hearts of people to let them do
what she wants them to do, the Pluto version of charm speaking one could say.
A d20 will be rolled between the user and the victim if the victim tries to resist it.
A 10% modifier, so a +2 will be added to the daughter of Pluto when doing this.

Fearful Moment Manipulation

Some experiences can be quite fearful. Charlotte is now able to show memories
of herself to others and their own memories. Only those memories of herself can
be slightly adapted. Charlotte is only able to show memories where one or multiple
people has experienced fear in. She can only let one person experience this at once.
Charlotte and the person affected will only be able to see the moment and are unable
to intervene. They will both fly around as some sort of ghosts and can only see and
hear each other. After using this power for 5 times a day Charlotte will experience her
worst fear herself and will experience this once more later on. She is able to choose
the second moment herself and the second moment will disable her for a short time.
If she chooses to not experience the moment yet she won’t be able to show anyone a
fearful moment until she has done so. The maximum daily usage is 8 times but every
time she uses it after having passed the 5 times will disable her for 1 emote after
experiencing her worst fear, she will not have to experience it a second time.

When she wants to show a memory of herself it takes one emote to show it. She and
the person she is showing the memory will enter a flashback where they will see what
is happening. Charlotte can only adapt small things such as blurring people and changing
their voices. For example when she is showing a battle she was in she can blur someone
who was heavily injured to make it not seem too bad but the person watching it will get
the general idea. In this way she can show the people who were not there during World
War II what actually happened and can make them understand situations better boosting
teamwork. No time will have passed after seeing this.

When she wants to show someone their own fear which can be a memory or something
they are afraid happening it will take her 2 emotes to show it without herself being able to
see it and 3 emotes if she wants to see it herself. If the person does not want her to see this
memory a d20 will be rolled between Charlotte and the victim with a +10%, so a +2 modifier
added to Charlotte. If Charlotte loses this roll she won’t be able to see the moment. After
experiencing the moment no time has passed and the normal emoting continues. This could
be useful for things like interrogating.

Charlotte is also able to show a new fearful moment to someone in the same way such showing
someone who plans on murdering someone that they can end up in the Fields of Punishment to
stop them from doing it. It will require 5 emotes to do this. Both Charlotte and the victim will see
this moment.

Roll Parameters:

Fear Manipulation
When someone tries to resist a d20 will be rolled with a +10%, so a +2 modifier added to Charlotte.

Fearful Moment Manipulation
When someone does not want Charlotte to enter their own moment of fear a d20 between
Charlotte and the victim will get rolled with a +10%, so a +2 added to Charlotte.

Emote Counts:

Fear Manipulation: 1 emote.
Showing a memory of her own: 1 emote.
Showing someone their fear: 2 emotes.
Showing someone their fear and entering the moment: 3 emotes.
Showing a new fearful moment: 5 emotes.


-The spawn of Pluto can sense fear.
-Charlotte can command people better with her fear manipulation.
-She can show her memories more realistically.
-She is able to provide better evidence by showing someone her experience.
-Charlotte can show people their own fears to for example get information out of them.
-The girl can show others new fearful moments.


-When showing a moment no time will pass so the person will be able to react right away.
-She is unable to do anything while experiencing the moment and can only watch as ghosts.
-She can only show one person the moment at once.
-Charlotte has limited usages.
-The daughter of Pluto will experience her own fear after using the power 5 times a day.
-If she does not experience her worst fear for a second time which will disable her for a
short time she is unable to show fearful moments to others.
-She has been limited to being able to show people fearful moments for 8 times a day.
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