What is your name?

What is your age? (Optional)

What is your gender? (Optional)

How long have you been an active member of Wizry?

Why do you believe that above all other candidates, you are the most befitting of this rank and position?

What personal experience do you have in a leadership role?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how skilled would you deem yourself as a roleplayer ( 1 being a children’s book and 10 being Shakespeare)?

How active are you on the server?

Do you understand what it means to lead, and what responsibilities you will assume, should you be granted this position?

Are you aware that, as a holder of this position, all other roleplay characters that you may have come second in priority to this one, and in the event of a war, do you agree to put this character over any others that may be on the opposite side of the conflict?

From an out-of-character standpoint, are you familiar with the Demi-titans that you may potentially be supervising?

Keep in mind that your application will not be the only factor that will either get you denied or accepted.


Character’s name?

Character’s age?

Character’s gender?

Does your character have any past experience as an authority?

What is your character’s heritage?

What camp does your character owe allegiance to, ignoring which pantheon their divine parent belongs to?

How long has your character been in this camp?

Give a brief summary of your character’s background:
(links to character profiles are also acceptable.)

Is your character an able politician, as well as a military leader?

Is your character familiar with the player DTs that they may potentially lead?

Other questions

Do you view yourself as a leader, or someone with the qualities inherent of a leader?

Given the choice, would you rather work alone, or in collaboration with

As King, how would you treat those who serve you, and those who you reign over?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you think?

Give a brief summary of the chain of authority within Camp Othrys.

What is the role of an Archon?

What leadership position do you currently hold on the server, if any?

Are you a enthusiast of Greek history, or history in general.

In your eyes, what is the defining trait of Demi-titans?

Rather than have you answer questions about combat scenarios, the GMs will spend a series of small events, testing your political and combat readiness before deciding if you and your character are ready for the role of King.