Noble Family Application [roman]
All future noble families will be evaluated through a single, accumulative application. Noble family application formats can be submitted through Google Docs and/or forum format. People intent on founding a noble family for the new lore must understand that they require at least three people OOC to be in their family - are willing to be active - and realize that much of their creativity and planning should go towards making this application appealing in both content and appearance. Questions should be addressed to Baron.

MC Username(s): (Accounts of everyone involved within the family
IRL Age(s): (List age per account/player) (Meta1 - 16 y/o)
Discord: User# [required of at least ⅔ of the family]
Current Characters: (Any characters at present, list all active)
Timezone/Country: (ex. Pacific Standard Time - United States of America)
RP Experiences: (How long have you been RPing? Are you capable of political RP? Opinionated.)
Are you familiar with Roman history and structure? - (Political structure, military hierarchy, etc.)

Family Name: (Surname)
Family Political Alignment: Populares | Optimates
Family Business: Financial | Military | Political
Family History: (This is basically half your application’s value. Make it rich and creative. Discuss origins, rise to nobility, ancestors, etc.)

[make one for each character of the family][/b]
Character Name:
Character Age:
Character Gender:
Personality: [short summary]
Position: Soldier | Senator | Captain, etc.
Bloodline: Legacy | Demigods
Background: (Describe their background within the family - relations, etc.)
Spoiler: Show