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Soft Lore Reset - 2019
Releasing March 2019
Presented by the GM Team

So the numbers are in, and the people have spoken with thunderous applaus. The GM Team is happy to announce that we will be moving the Current Lore to modern times, and today I am here to explain just how we are going to be handling that change so that you can easily transfer from WW2 into Modern Times.

Story &Changes

Moving forward we will be ending the WW2 setting with a grand finale as you get the chance to storm the beaches of Normandy on D-Day against the Axis forces, and see just how far you can make it. However whispers of an even more sinister forces lurk on the edge far more threatening than even the 3rd Reich.

During the events of D-Day a great prophecy shall be foretold, and a vast quantity of Demi-Gods shall be lulled into a divine sleep to await for a time when the prophecy begins to unfold and once more be among the waking in the service of the Gods.


With the reduction in numbers of the GM team we are cutting back for a time on certain more exclusive factions that being Norse, and Egyptians for the time being we are rolling back on our Norse faction until such a time that we have a more well rounded GM that, at which point we will be opening back up applications for people to join the faction. Please note that Norse is liable to change between now and then so keep an eye out for new information when we release it.

Much like Norse things with the Egyptians will not be as exclusive as they have been in the past. While we will not be rolling back on the faction as a whole we will be tying it into the main three factions. Again like Norse once we have a more well rounded GM team we will once again give Egyptians some of its own focus.

The Big Three factions will continue on as they have in the past being the main focus of the Modern Times, along side new Egyptians Allies, and in the future possibly the Norse as well.

Characters Soft Reset
Players will have a few options to move their current characters into the Modern Day times.

The Sleeping Soldiers: Your first option is to be one of the characters in WW2 that were put to sleep by the gods after D-Day, and will wake up in modern times with their memories intact and now forced to adapt to a new world while in the service of the Gods.

The Dreaming Ones: In the months leading up to the awakening of the WW2 Demi Gods those in the Camps, and outside received nightly dreams where they lived out the events leading up to D-Day experiencng it like they were actually there, and getting to know those that have been sleeping since. With this option you have the choice of either creating a new character, or converting your existing character to modern times as one of the Dreamers.

Power/Item Apps

Powers: All Master apps that were accepted will be rolled back, and we will be making a separate announcement concerning them. As for all other apps this is important Everyone will have till March 15th to comment on their power app, if you do not the app will be archive and you will have to reapply for it.

Items: Given the change in settings we are removing guns as usable by Demi Gods as such we will across the board have all existing item apps be reapplied for to reflect the new modern setting.

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