Some kind of introduce, I guess? A long introduce...

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Hi. I'm Bedro, and I'm a demigod. I know, sounds crazy, but hear me out.
Maybe you'll understand...

This story starts from Helsinki's airport. Helsinki is the capital of Finland.
Me and my classmates were going to New York, as a trip. I was sitting all
alone at some stupid chair and then, I saw something. It doesn't make
sense, I know, but I PROMISE, I'm not lying!

There was a woman, wearing some kind of a turban. And I didn't know
what was wrong in me, but I swear, there was a snake in her turban!
You might wonder, how did I know. Well, let me tell you! BECAUSE I
back in, like nothing happened!! Then she saw me. She smiled at me,
and that's when I knew something bad was going on. Finns don't smile
at other Finns, and tourists should know, that it's inappropriate
to do that!

She started to walk towards me. She had that creepy smile on her
face. She also wore sunglasses, which was weird, it was midwinter!!
There was anymore 5 meters (about 16 feet) between us. Too close.
Way too close. Luckily, my teacher wasn't too far away. He noticed the
situation and asked the woman, if there's a problem. The woman just left,
and said nothing. My teacher asked me, am I all right. I wanted to tell
him about the snake thing, but I just couldn't. I didn't have many friends,
and most of the teachers in my school hated me. He was the only one,
who tolerated me. I didn't want to ruin it. So, I said, that everything's okay.
He just looked at me for a minute or two. Then he just said: "Fine. Our
flight is about to leave, we should go." I agreed with him. I took my stuff,
and followed my teacher.

After a 6 hours flight, we finally landed to New York. Everyone else were
happy and excited, like always. I actually didn't want to come to the trip,
but my mom told me, that it would do good for me. So, there I was, in
New York, with my stupid classmates and the only teacher, who doesn't
hate me. Great. Really great.

Everyone had some kind of a jet lag, it was 8 P.M in New York, while it was
2 A.M in Helsinki. I wasn't tired at all. It took about an hour to get to our
hotel. Don't remember the name of it, but it was old. All my classmates
first wanted to go to the hotel Lotus, but our teacher said no. He looked
terrified every time someone mentioned the hotel Lotus. Bad memories
of the room service, maybe?

Our teacher, let's say Harry (actually Harri), had put me in the same room
with the most annoying girls in our class. I actually didn't know who they
were, or were they actually annoying, I just decided that they were. But
the first thing I noticed in the hotel room was, that it smelled weird.
I don't know how to describe it, but it was a weird smell. Kinda like
dangerous, if that's a smell...

But back to the girls. They just sniffed around the room and then whispered
something to each other, but I couldn't hear, what they said. Then they
looked at me for a while. After a minute one of them said: "It's hot here,
isn't it? Should we go swimming?" I gave her my famous "What on
earth are you talking bout? Heck no!"- look and she went quiet. Then our
teacher Harry walked in and said: "That's a great idea, right? Why don't
we all go, as a class? But first, I need to speak with Bedro."

I freaked out. Every time someone says that, I either had done something
bad or got caught on doing it. My teacher had that serious face on, and I
didn't like it. The odd and annoying girls leaved, and Harry asked me: "Are
you sure everything's all right? 'Cause you've been acting really weird
lately." At that time, I didn't know I was a demigod. I just thought, that I
was getting crazy. I just said, that I'm okay. I told him, that there's a lot
going on right now, and that I don't wanna talk about it. Again, he looked
at me with that "Don't believe you, but I have to"- look, and said: "Fine."
That's what he always used to say...

No matter, how many times I told Harry, that I won't come to the pool,
there I was, at the pool. Wearing dark grey Adidas- hoodie and black jeans.
I had my swimsuit somewhere in my backpack, but I didn't want to swim.
It was late, almost 10 P.M, and I had this strange feeling, that everything
weren't all right. I found a chair to sit on. I felt sick. I went through
everything, that I saw. It just didn't make sense! I had read about Medusa,
the woman with snake hair etc., but I didn't believe it. Again, I thought, that
I was just crazy. That I made it all up. I took a water bottle out of my
backpack. I tried to calm down, but it was hard. I felt, that everything
was chasing on me. Even the odd smell from the hotel room. That's when
my brain started to work again. The odd, kinda dangerous smell? Can be
up to no good.

I was terrified. I didn't know, what was going on. I tried to make up a lie, how
to get back to Finland, but I couldn't make up any. What would I say? "Hey,
Harry, you know what? I got this strange feeling, that it's dangerous here,
so I need to get back to Finland. Is that okay?" Heck no. Not gonna work.
But the good news is, that I didn't need to make up a plan. Harry was walking
towards me really fast. I had this feeling, that I have every time, when
someone is walking fast towards me. The feeling was "Duck, I screwed
this up. Let's run away!". But I didn't run away. I was scared. No, I was
terrified. I was so terrified, that even my instincts couldn't control me.
I bet Harry saw it. He knew, what was going on. He just didn't tell me.
He looked at me and said: "We need to go. Now." I just stood up from the
chair and started to follow him. Usually, all my instincts would've scream
"ARE YOU INSANE?! DON'T FOLLOW HIM", but like I said, too terrified.
But it wasn't a bad idea to follow him. I just feel guilty about letting him
lead me, since it was practically my problem we were dealing with, not his...

Harry tried to get us a taxi. We were outside the pool place, when I finally
started to think again. I asked/screamed: "WHAT'S GOING ON?! WHAT
ARE YOU DOING?!" Harry put his hand calmly on my shoulder and said:
"I'm saving you. But what you're doing, is lying to me about what you
saw at the airport." I felt so bad about it. But still, he didn't answer the
other question. "What the heck is going on?" I asked him. He looked
straight into my eyes and said: "Are you sure you're ready to hear the truth?
Are you ready to face it?" I responded to the look and said: "I am. Please,
tell me." Harry took a deep breath. "You're a demigod."

I didn't even have time to react to it. I smelled the same smell again. And
then I heard it. "Of course she is. How did it take so long to realize?" At first,
I didn't see anyone. Then I saw her. Or it. I wasn't quite sure what it was,
but then Harry said it out loud. "Empousa. I should've knew it." The empousa
laughed and said: "Your right. You should've. Because, if you would've
recognized me, maybe this young girl would have made it to the camp. Maybe.
Maybe not." The empousa laughed her creepy laugh while I just looked at
Harry. He whispered to me: "When the grey taxi arrives, don't wait for me.
Just tell them to drive to the camp as fast as they can. They won't ask you,
which camp are you talking about." I couldn't believe what he just said.
THERE'S NO FREAKING GREY TAXES. But not to worry, I was about to ask
him is he insane or what, when he thinks I'm leaving him here. But he kinda
read my mind. "Don't worry, Bedro. I'll be fine. It's not the first time with this
empousa. He took a pen out of his pocket. "Let's hope Percy is not going
to be angry, this is his sword." That's what he said right before he somehow
transformed it into a sword. The empousa looked a little bit of surprised.
But still her voice was calm when she said: "This time I'm better prepared."
Suddenly, there was 3 more empousas. The only thing I was thinking

The grey taxi arrived. Harry handed me some gold coins and said "Go." I did
what he told me to do. I don't regret anything as much as that. I got into the
grey taxi. "To the camp", I said. "Oh, I see. Another lost demigod." Said the
driver. Actually, when I looked a little bit closer, it seemed like there were
three drivers. That was something really messed up, but I didn't care anymore.
I wanted to get away. Like, now! "Yes, to the camp! As fast as you can!"
I didn't want to look behind. I didn't want to see, what the empousas had done
to him. He might not be alive anymore, and that was my fault.

It didn't took long for the driver(s) to get to the camp. There was a sign or something. It said "Camp Half-Blood". I was suspicious. "Are you sure this
is the right camp?" The driver(s) said: "Of course it is! You're a demigod, right?"
I nodded. I looked behind to thank the driver(s) and pay for the ride, but
the grey taxi was gone. I was standing all alone in front of the sign. I decided
to go ahead, maybe there actually is a camp or something.

There was a camp. It was, well, special. But it was also great. Archery,
cabins, great food... Everything I've ever wanted or even dreamed of was
there! Also, there was this thing called "claiming". Turned out, that my
father was immortal god, and he had to "claim" me, so I would know for sure
that I'm his child. Wouldn't a phone call be enough?

They put me in Hermes cabin. They said, that once my father "claimed" me,
they will put me into the right cabin. For now, I had to sleep in this cabin with
this people. People is not my "thing".

It took about a month. I almost got used to Hermes cabin. They were funny,
and if you paid enough, they might got you some Coca-Cola. But still,
it didn't feel like I'd "fit in". Once I heard some kids whispering about me.
They wondered, will I never be claimed. That was the day that I punched my
fist through the wall of Hermes cabin. Oops. I thought, that they were right.
My father, whoever he was, didn't need me. So why would I need him? Or
the other gods? I decided to leave the camp.

Of course I didn't tell anyone about my plans. They would have tried to stop me. Or maybe not. But I didn't want to take any risks. I made a decision to
leave and I would stick in that decision! It was the last campfire, or at least I
thought it would be the last. I sat there alone while Apollo cabin tried to get
everyone to sing. I didn't like singing. I was about to leave, when one of them
yelled and asked: "Hey, you! Would you like to sing a song?" Everyone turned to look at me. It was awkward and distressing. I was totally not going to sing a stupid song! And I'd let that boy know it. I walked towards him. Slowly, so it
would freak him out. Then I punched him as hard as I could. "I'm not gonna
sing you stupid songs!" When I looked around, everyone kneeled at me. I didn't
know why. I freaked out. Again. What the heck was going on?! But then, Chiron
said: "Hail Bedro, daughter of Hades, God of Death."

I didn't understand! I moved out of the Hermes Cabin at the same night.
Everyone was looking at me. And not by a good look! They all kept talking about some mark "floating" above my head. I didn't think it's a big deal to be the child of Hades, but they clearly did. I felt, that everyone had turned against me. Was it because I punched that super-annoyingdude, or because I'm the child of Hades? Is it that bad? Maybe it is that bad.
Maybe everyone actually has something against me.

I still don't understand. I'm trapped the whole summer in a small box with
someone called Nico. THAT MAKES ZERO SENSE! But all I need to do,
is train and deal with Nico and HIS weirdness (not mine). I think I can handle
Thank you, if you read this whole story. It's long, I know, but short stories are
boring. But again, thank you, you random demigod I've never met.
Some information about me:
-12 yrs old
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