Eloh1m | Bartholomew Abe Satyr CL Application

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Camper Recruit

Real Life Information

What is your name?

What is your gender?

What is your IGN?
Eloh1m (I go by Asznee)

Do you have a Skype? If you are not comfortable with sharing the name in the application, message Baron_Blank.

How long have you been a member of Wizry?
3-4+ years

How long have you roleplayed on Wizry?
2-3 years

How good at roleplay would you rate yourself? (On a scale of 1-10)
7 at casual roleplay, 8 at CRP

What personal experience have you had as a leader?

How active on the server are you?
2-5 hours a day usually, unless I have something to tend to

Are you prepared to face the responsibilities and challenges of a Cabin Leader? Are you willing to face the sacrifice? Your Cabin Leader character will be priority in server events. Are you alright with that?
Yes, and I am also alright with my cabin leader being a priority

IRP Information

What is your character’s name?
Bartholomew Abe

What is your character’s age?

What is your character’s gender?

Who is your character’s parent?
He's a faun

Has your character ever been in a position of power beforehand?

Is your character Greek by blood?

What cabin are you applying for?
Satyr cabin

What makes you believe your character is good for this job? Give various reasons why they should be accepted over other applicants.
Considering there aren't any other applicants, I'd say I'm good. But if we're saying what IF, then my reasons would be: I have seniority over most of the server's roleplayers, and I'm quite active. I can casually analyze a situation which I have proven during most of my time on the server, and we could both agree there aren't many other people still on the server who would want to be a Satyr CL with the necessary skill set. So far, which is considered a great accomplishment, he's brought a CL, a CL's aide, and a child of Poseidon, to camp which is good for popular vote...? But he's well focused with great intentions, and even has experience as a combat medic. Due to him being a faun, he isn't necessarily hippy-like and strained to fight, although doesn't seem like a popular vote, is very useful in defending the cabin and deciding on what's best for the camp overall instead of only a single part of the camp.

What is your character’s personality like? Give details.
Bart is a calm, but carefree young man. Most specifically, he's a flirty and optimistic man with a comedic aura. Despite of which, he has intentions to carry on what he started, and has high focus, even when he's drunk which is occasional in casual roleplays and few events. Due to him being a faun, he isn't necessarily hippy-like.

Does your character know their potential fellow Cabin Leaders?
Since there aren't very many cabin leaders, I'd say no to be honest

Give a brief summary of your character’s background.
Bart was born in New Rome with his parents either abandoning him or dead. In his first 6 years of his life he lived by eating people’s leftovers, due to Romans not liking fauns much… Then at age 7 he started publicly playing the pipe reeds for money, of which he managed himself with a meal a day, till he was met with the praetor to play for him/her for years, all of which was another 11 years. As soon as he learnt about there being Camp Half-blood, and how it was ‘weird’ they treated their fauns nicely, Bart immigrated to Camp Half-blood, being able to sense monsters with his smell he managed to dodge any monsters in his way. As soon as he reached Camp Half-blood, some satyrs met him and led him to the counsel, where they gave him a job, to let him search for demigods undiscovered yet. He was treated nicely, with food and shelter, 4 years up to now.

Give a brief description of your character’s powers and abilities, including their qualities as a leader, if they have any.
  • Everything base Faun/Satyr
  • High intent
  • Skill with experience and seniority

List all the activities your character could lead. The activities are supposed to be related directly to their godly parent, and anything else they are good at.

CTF games
Training sessions
Physical workout
Reed pipe practice
Care-to-nature sessions
Minor parties for celebrations
Latin class, since he's a faun

The following portion of the application will deal with your character’s reaction to certain situations. Respond clearly and with details! You will be graded on the effectiveness of your strategy, and on the creativeness of your strategy.

Story One

You and a fellow Cabin Leader have engaged in a dispute regarding a scandal of a fellow Cabin Leader. You do not have quite a sufficient amount of information to argue for or against the fellow Cabin Leader that is being spoken of. With the information your fellow Cabin Leader seems to have (whether true or not) they plan to report these rumors or facts directly to Chiron without calling a formal Cabin Leader meeting first.

How would your character go about investigating to uncover what is true or false? What steps would he or she take to make sure that this other Cabin Leader receives the proper treatment. Explain what could be done if the accused Cabin Leader is stable and these rumors are just that, rumors. Also explain in a separate paragraph the alternate scenario where these rumors are actually facts, what would your character do to make sure the everything is stable in Camp Half-Blood's leadership?

Bart would make sure his fellow Cabin Leader doesn't go to Chiron right away to begin investigation. To begin the investigation, Bart would separately question the accused Cabin Leader and his cabinmates as well as any witnesses. Once done he would call a formal Cabin Leader meeting and share the results so they could work together for the truth.

If the rumors were false, which Bart and the Cabin Leaders would've discussed, he'd look for those who has spread the rumors and report it to Chiron. They'd also be fit for a punishment such as extra work or disliked duties. After which he'd approach the fellow Cabin Leader who was the accuser, and would help convince him why the accused Cabin Leader was good to go.

If the rumors were true, which Bart and the Cabin Leaders would've discussed, he'd put a stop to whatever the rumors are directly, at least temporarily. After then, he'd present what him and his fellow Cabin Leaders had figured of the guilty Cabin Leader, and answer any further questions. After their demotion if Chiron agrees, he'd cut off the rumors and put the ex-Cabin Leader to extra work or disliked duties.

Story Two

Camp Half-Blood is under siege by Androktasai, female spirits of war and manslaughter. They come from the South of the camp armed with swords, spears and shields. There is about 50 Androktasai total and your cabin is the first to confront the incoming invaders. The Androktasai form a phalanx and push forth from the south while archers nock their bows from behind the formation. There are 3 areas of cover that can keep up to 2 people safe. You have 30 men at your disposal, half are spearmen, 10 are swordsmen and 5 are archers. How do you go about fighting off the incoming forces?

Bart would order the archers to separate evenly with the areas, one archer at the closest area of cover and two at the others and start shooting once they all made it there. Then he'd have rest form a phalanx, any swordsmen with shields at the front with spearmen crossing between the shields of the swordsmen with spears, while the rest of the swordsmen laid back. They wouldn't push at the group of Andorktasai though, they'd have the archers continue to shoot at them from their cover towards any open spots, if they advanced on the group, the phalanx would advance towards them as well, but slower so they could counter-attack.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Yessir. And this is important. It's already been covered by past GMs, etc., that there may be a Satyr CL, because there is in fact a cabin, but it is not under the influence of the counsel.
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As mentioned in the extra information area, it's already been covered by past GMs, etc., that there may be a Satyr CL, because there is in fact a cabin, but it is not under the influence of the counsel.
Posted Feb 24, 19 · OP
Skilled Demigod
not too good at listening to others or leading, as i've noticed
Posted Feb 25, 19
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What're you talking about
Posted Feb 25, 19 · OP
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