MC Username: TheNameIsGrizz
Discord: Grizz#0296
Current Characters: Emerson Adams
Ban History: Zero
Timezone/Country: Pacific time zone - North Esperanto America
Character Name: Emerson Adams
Character Age: 20
Divine Heritage: Child of Athena
Power: Palladion blessing
Passive | Active: Both
   The city of Troy was once defended by a stunning rendition of Athena, stolen by the Greeks and once more taken by the Romans. With the statue itself lost to time it is only natural that someone be anointed.
At the Palladion's greatest power level it repelled invasions and acted as a unifying force for the nation it served. While not as powerful as the original statue, Emerson serves as an adequate vessel for a portion of it.
Detection Enhancemeng
   The user's reflexes and senses are passively enhanced able to more easily detect movements and react to them.
Additionally, Emerson is alway aware of the existence of trespassers within a 1 mile radius and knows if they're moving. Just not where, how fast or in what.
Palladion's Presence
   Emerson would feel a constant draw towards the statue like a grain of iron to a massive magnet. Slowly the urge will grow like a snowball traveling down a mountain.
Palladion's Shield
   In three emotes Emerson can channel energy to form shields in front of up to three targets. The shield forms vertically, made out of interwoven threads of energy.
The shield is capable of absorbing most forces and a portion of the shield dissipates when struck with a great enough blow. (Anything greater than a punch.)
The shield remains in front of the target only allowing movement through the shield's backside.
The shield forms in a 2 x 3 block area.
Roll Parameters: Nothing unless Meta asks for it.
Emote Counts:
Three emotes in total to activate the shield, the third emote can be held off indefinitely within a single roleplay. (Within reason obviously. . . I'm not going to wait an hour, and I'd forget anyway.)
-Negates most forces
-Enhances Reflexes.
-Provides protection to multiple individuals.
-Probably useful.
-Detects trespassers.
-Shields permeable from the user's side
-Susceptible to explosions.
-Blows will cause the affected area of the shield to dissipate.
-The dark grey coloring of the shield isn't very subtle during daylight hours.
-Taunted by trespassers existing constantly.