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It is KNOWN.

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Once. November 16-December 16, 2018. Toxicity and abuse of perms.

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Character Name:

Finn Berring.

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2 days.

Name of the item:

Harrbringer [floodhilt upgrade].


“A moderately-sized hilt forged of
Bonesteel with a silver & well-polished
look. The top is engraved with “Sjohelt”
meaning sea-hero. A gift now endowed
to the Seabearer.”

Though not much is changed about the hilt, the metal has been exchange for bonesteel with a True Ice core, allowing it to hold mystical properties. It is ergonomic when active. At the top of the hilt is a line through which water can pulse out.

Special abilities:

The upgrade to Finn’s item brings forth a special ability; the hilt itself can now shift in size and shape as well. It liquifies in Finn’s hand, stretching out by decompressing the metal. This allows Finn to create more weapons, outlined below:

Anchor Form: Inspired by Finn’s pal the Ironclad, the Harrbringer can now become a two-foot wide anchor that shoots water out the ring. In this form, water comes out of the ring and turns into a chain for Finn to hold onto, able to elongate or shorten on command. It is extremely heavy to most (around 300 pounds), but for Finn it’s rather light. It can extend outwards up to 10 meters from Phineas. By swinging it around, Finn can revv up the length (it starts at being able to go out 5 meters). Every emote he swings the anchor, the chain can become 3 meters longer. This takes two emotes to form from the basic Harrbringer. When thrown, it can dent tank armor.

Glove Form: The Harrbringer flattens out and wraps around Finn’s hand, the palm having a round circle that can fire out highly compressed, spinning beams of water. These beams are effective for about ten meters before they lose their power. They can push people back a few meter back on contact, or dig into their skin, as the beam is spinning. Takes two emotes to “reload.” The longer he concentrates on the water inside, the stronger the resulting blast (i.e. 4 emotes of charge would cause for skin to rip off when shot out), though range invariably stays the same. A d10 is rolled to see if Finn hits something with the glove, but with a +3 in Finn’s favor, as this is a short-ranged weapon and is hard to miss. However, if he takes his hand off of his forearm to steady his firing, he loses the positive roll modifier and gets a strong -4 on his roll.

Shield Form: Another simple subcategory, the hilt’s hole through which it sprays water changes to the side, allowing Finn to hold onto the hilt, and have water come out and form a shield. That’s all. It’s just so Finn can make better shields. Takes half an emote to form, as it’s a simple transformation.

Axe Form: The hilt extends upwards and becomes suitable to be a two-handed (or one-handed) axe (depending on occasion). It takes an emote to do, and the top shoots water that turns into the axehead. A d10 is rolled if the axe is ever thrown. An emote to transform.

The weapon still acts as a portal into the seas, but is now able to produce 10 liters of water per emote. This is extremely helpful for most situations in which Finn has no water, giving him more versatility, as usual.

Necessary materials:
Bonesteel and a bit of True Ice to put into the core.


+ Compliments his solid constructs of water, as it grants him the capability to call upon water when needed.
+ It can now become a list of new weapon types: an axe! an glove! an anchor! an shield!
+ Updated name and material, as it’s for a Nordic man.
+ Still soulbound, returns to Finn's hands if lost.


- Glove form take two emotes to form, as well as reload.
- When firing with the glove, Finn needs to use his left hand to steady his right, as there is a strong recoil that might cause him to fire astray. If he doesn’t use his left hand, any rolls for accuracy get a -40%.
- Anchor is quite a heavy object, even for Finn -- but it’s still juuuust right in his hands.
- Still cannot make a gun.
- Those with ferrokinesis could be able to control bonesteel can tamper with any of the hilt’s abilities (I think they can control weapons at least). This is done by controlling the metal itself.
- Those with hydrokinesis can tamper with any of the hilt’s abilities by controlling the water (which constitutes a roll, as always).
- As always, things have limited ranges -- anchor usually only goes five meters from Finn, axe can go as far as Finn can throw/control the water, glove has a max range of five meters, and the shield is, well… a shield.

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