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You can click on this for the nice google docs version, or look below for the ugly forums version. Both are the same, just one is better formatted than the other. ( I was to lazy to format it on here so I just copy and pasted it xd)

MC Username: TheNameIsScrub
Discord: Skype bois
Current Characters: Ingrid Schmidt
Ban History: Nothing
Timezone/Country: EST - USA

Character Name: Ingrid Schmidt
Character Age: Eighteen years of age
Divine Heritage: Hades
Power: Advanced Necromancy
Synopsis & Passive | Active:

Like expected with the advancement of a power, this lowers emote costs, adds sub-powers, and makes it so Ingrid can use this power more efficiently.

Summoning the Dead - Active

Allows Ingrid to summon beings from the grave! This is the Necromancy part of Necromancy, just different wording.

Ritual of the Dead - Active

The Ritual of the Dead is a ritual that allows Ingrid to transfer the power of those who are dead, to her own powers.

This power allows Ingrid to get a boost to all death-related powers by 15% and lowers all emote costs by 1. However, this power is mostly based on how many people Ingrid is doing the Ritual of the Dead for & if they have died more recently & where she is doing the ritual.

Roll Parameters:
Not necessary - however it’s up to GMs.

Emote Counts:

Summoning the Dead

2 emotes - Skeleton (Anything smaller than a human-size)
3 emotes - Skeleton (Human-size)
4 emotes - Skeleton (Anything smaller than a
5 emotes - Skeleton (Max size is anything elephant-sized)

If she’s in a graveyard or an area that is littered with dead bodies (like a battlefield) it’s a -1 to all emote counts.

2 emotes - Returning all skeletons to the grave

Ritual of the Dead

If they’ve died less-recently (over a week)
You should probably get the pattern after the first three
1 person = 2 emotes (Last of boost, 10 minutes)
2 people = 3 emotes (Last of boost, 15 minutes)
3 people = 4 emotes (Last of boost, 20 minutes)
Max limit is 10 people = 11 emotes (Last of boost, 60 minutes - Cannot have the boost going for longer than 60 minutes)

If they’ve died more-recently (less than a week) -1 emote to summon 1-6 people | -2 emotes if it's 7-10 people. It’s also a -1 emote to all summons if she’s in a graveyard or someplace with a lot of dead bodies around.


Can use the strength of fallen mortals and demigods to her own use
Can have a closer connection with the undead


Cannot do the Ritual of the Dead with those that are dead, but are in the overworld
Cannot mix and match more and less recently dead people during the Ritual of the Dead
All powers take great concentration (except for summoning skeletons, that takes less concentration), making it easy for Ingrid to get distracted and then having to restart the process

Example emotes of each power: Of course these are just quick examples - the real emotes will be more descriptive and lengthy.

Summoning of Dead

Ingrid said softly to herself, “I need a friend.” She then started to feel the soul of an undead being - her dog. [½]
Not long after, a small skeleton of a dog made its way out of the earth. [2/2]

Ritual of the Dead

Closing her eyes, Ingrid felt the souls of the 5 fallen warriors around her on the now-empty battlefield. She concentrated deeply, hoping that no one came to distract her and break her concentration. [¼]
She felt their strength they possessed when they were alive, and felt it slowly start to come into her own powers. [2/4]
Bit by bit, she felt her Necromancy and all other possible death-related powers get stronger. [¾]
She opened her eyes while exhaling slightly shakily. The ritual was complete and now she felt stronger. [4/4]
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I have some questions, but mostly things that are of minor importance.

Get rid of the soul connection aspect, and this'll be complete.
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Took out the soul connection on both the doc and the forum post
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Yeetus deletus
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