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Character Name: Skylar Byrd
Character Age: 21
Divine Heritage: Demigod, daughter of Jupiter

Power: Advanced Electrokinesis

Passive/Active: Mixture of both (will specify below)

Chain lightning- Active
Skylar's lightning can chain out to nearby objects, especially if those objects (or people) are wearing/have some form of conductors. Lightning chains out from direct strike about 3.5 meters (if something is further then 3.5 meters from the direct hit zone, it doesn't reach it). Skylar can choose either to use a normal bolt or a chain bolt (there’s a difference). Three emotes to use, on the third hitting and chaining. If summoned from the sky ./broll d20 for accuracy on it's direct hit (18+ hitting perfect, 8+ hitting in general area).

Hotter Bolts- Passive
Skylar's bolts are stronger. Direct hit from one results in death, especially if wearing conductive materials or if hitting skin. For chain lightning, individuals a meter away receive minor-major burns based on a roll off against Skylar. Skylar recieves +4 to the roll if the individual(s) are wearing conductive materials (./broll d20, higher Skylar- more major burns, higher players- minor burns). Further then that, it just shocks individuals.

Precharge- Passive or Active
Skylar can pre-charge herself with electricity, making it so she is ready to use it at a moment's notice. Max stacking is 3 emotes-worth. Active precharges must be used within 10 emotes or they disappear. Because of this ability she is able to use lightning from herself, not having to always rely on summoning it from the sky. She can store electrical energy within herself. However, storage at 2+ emotes causes sparks to fly off her arms and such. Touching a conductor when sparking shocks it.
Active precharging takes two emotes and results in one less emote needed for next lightning use. This resets after it's used up. (Active)
When getting anxious or nervous or in the midst of battle, she's gains an emote charged, her energy being converted automatically (like a fight/flight reflex, instead she charges). This doesn't reset unless she's calmed down or the battle has stopped. (Passive)

Roll Parameters: Normal for normal lightning strikes. Chain lightning is specified above.

Emote Counts:
Chain lightning- 3
Hotter + Stronger- none.
Precharge- Active 2, get 1 pre. Emotional charge no emotes, get 1 pre. Max stacking 3 precharge emotes.

  • Lightning has been a longtime form of respect, as many Kings of Gods are controllers of lightning and it's unpredictability causes people to fear it at times.
  • Conductors of lightning causes injuries twice as bad when touched or worn. (Some conductors are as follows: steel, gold, silver, copper, salt water, etc.)
  • Water attacks can be turned on their users if they are shocked with lightning and the water user is touching the water.
  • Shocking someone can cause the person to freeze for a moment while recovering. This is useful in battle when every second counts.
  • Lightning when used against electrical devices, can cause an overload potentially making it explosive based on if a bolt hit it.
  • Since she's basically a conductor herself, lightning doesn't do anything to her.

  • Since she's focusing on electricity, atmokinesis is basically gone, she only has the passives of sensing storms and high winds and seeing/talking to Venti.
  • Since she's focusing on electricity, active aerokinesis uses are limited to flying only. She cannot summon gusts of wind+such.
  • Rubber and other insulators nullify lightning attacks. For precharge if she's touched by one of these, all precharge emotes are nullified.
  • Chain lightning both summoned from the sky and from herself can hit friendlies.
  • Recovery after a chain bolt is 3 emotes. She cannot actively charge or use lightning during this time.
  • Since she generates most of her own electricity, using more then 5 bolts in a short period of time can cause her to pass out.
  • She can accidentally shock someone if she's precharged 2 emotes and touches them.