Firelink Greatsword - Elliot Lothric

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Character Name: Elliot Lothric
Character Age: 19
Character Gender: Male
Years: Probably not very long.
Item Synopsis: A coiled greatsword with a 4.5 foot blade. The crossbar has 4 prongs in an oblong X shape with a 1 foot handle. The blade itself is hard but at the same time molten metal, giving it a glow at all times and causing burns to those that touch it.

Item Effects:

Bonfire: Upon being placed into the ground the sword’s ability activates, becoming stuck for those aside from Elliot, creating a fire that creates extreme heat (A bonfire if you will) that doesn’t harm the surroundings (harms people) and allowing Elliot to teleport to it at any time. The longer the distance the longer the teleport takes, similarly to the bifrost. Anything farther than one camp to another will take an hour, things like alaska to a camp will take 3 or more, across the planet takes 4-5. He can bring 1 person along with him when he teleports. There is no reasonable range aside from the time it takes for each teleportation. If for some reason Elliot loses it, it will become a bonfire after 3 hours of being out of his contact. Elliot can lose the sword if someone else begins using it after losing it. He will however know its location even if they're in another realm, and can hunt down the user.

Homeward: Elliot can bring two people with him upon teleporting to the bonfire. He places his hand out at waist height with the others around him, and fog will fall around 2m away (2 emotes). This fog will block out everything, and after an emote of it doing so they will vanish from onlookers, leaving nothing in its place. The teleporters will then see only fog walls around them, with a fire in the center. This is like limbo, no way in no way out, similar to a pocket dimension. This dimension will then fly across the world at a rapid speed, taking the allotted time above to get to its location. Gods and powerful enough beings can of course enter this dimension in the event that they must speak to someone inside, whatever. Things left in this location will remain, the only things removed are things touching the people that are meant to leave.

Transformation: Elliot can transform the blade into a bayoneted M1 Garand rifle named Ashen taking 2 emotes of him doing so, which can be as simple as holding it in his hand or as complex as flipping it around. This rifle is peculier, as it shoots ethereal bullets of molten metal, similarly to what the sword itself is made from. These bullets harm monsters, humans, etc, and cause burns and a small ‘explosion’ upon landing, but are less powerful than normal bullets due to their hardness. This allows Elliot to be less reliant on ammunition, as he only needs to find some kind of metal to use as the ammunition instead, or use his powers, which can fill 3 clips (15 bullets) before requiring 3 hours irp to recharge (1 per clip). Think of it as a combination of Torbjorn and Roadhog’s guns.


Ember: Elliot can raise his blade to the sky, lighting it aflame before slamming it down to the ground. The 5m in front of his strike will light aflame, and the blade becomes ashen. When in this state, the blade’s flame goes out, causing it to become far heavier (He has to drag it on the ground or set it on your shoulder) and keeping it from being usable. This is replaced by the transformation and cannot be used after.


(The rainbow is just red, and of course the explosion isn’t as big as the one depicted.)
  • Allows for mobility and less reliance on the Bifrost, as well as a high powered ranged weapon.
  • Allows for variation in range and the ability to keep from running out of ammunition (usually.)
  • Can be replenished with his powers for less reliance on ammunition.
  • There is no cooldown time between transforming to and from each form, however if one is out of ammo he cant use it, and if one is a bonfire he lacks a gun.
  • Cannot be used for combat while able to be teleported to. Cannot be teleported back to Elliot and can only be teleported to.
  • The blade’s edges are coiled upwards to a tip and cannot be used to cut skin reliably, and must cleave or stab.
  • Of course, when a gun Elliot cannot use the bonfire ability, and when a bonfire Elliot cannot use his gun.
  • Using his own abilities to replenish the sword’s fire will cause them to be unusable for the next irp hour and a half.
  • In conjunction with his (possibly upgraded) chestplate, he will only be able to choose one or the other to replenish with his powers.

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Edit per the following:

  • How many emotes does it take to transition from gun to Ashen, Ashen to gun | Is there a cooldown time?
  • Are people able to teleport to it with Elliot?
  • Is it capable of travelling between realms, or just locations on Earth?
  • Write the range of the teleportation. (Maximum capability, say Elliot walked to Alaska and left Ashen in CHB, etc. Ask me on Discord for clarification if that wasn't clear.)
  • Increase the amount of time that the blade is unusuable for (whenever he replenishes it with his flame/abilities) to two hours IRP.
  • Increase the amount of time that it takes for his bullets to recharge, to three hours IRP.
  • Is it technically soulbound if he can always manage to teleport back to the sword? Unclear. It states it'll become a bonfire after three hours - but can he truly ever lose it?
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Posted Jan 12, 19