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What is your IGN?: QuestThePest

Age?: (I don’t feel comfortable giving out too much info but I will say i’m over 13)

Discord: Quest#2341

Current Characters: Lyra Lakey

Ban History: None

Time zone/Country: Mountain Time Zone- United States

Roleplay Experience: I have roleplayed on several different servers for about 4 years now, and this server for about 2.

Are you familiar with Roman history and structure?: Yes, just the basics + I haven’t done a whole lot of research but I will and can in the future once I get more spare time. (To explain spare time I am in the middle of moving and researching Roman history is not on the top of my to-do list).


What is your character’s name?: Lyra Lakey

What is your character’s age?: 17

What is your character’s gender?: Female

Years (At Camp Jupiter): 12 years

Who is your character’s divine parent / Cohort?: Trivia / Cohort IV

Describe your character’s personality: Lyra is usually a person who appears very trustworthy and she can keep a secret. She really doesn’t trust anyone unless she knows they’re ok/safe. Lyra is more of a strategic fighter and often comes off shy but she is just quiet. When she’s quiet she’s either assessing you to see if you’re safe or finding a quick way to kill you. She is a serious neat freak and has OCD.

What are your characters best traits?: Lyra is very much a strategic person. She will always assess a situation before acting. She is very handy with an axe and is good with any equine (Though she doesn’t spend time with horses/equines as much as she would want). Lyra is also smaller than most kids at her age so she can get out of tight situations and grips easier.

What are your characters worst traits?: Lyra will often think too much before acting. When fighting a larger opponent and when she doesn’t have time to think she can be beaten easily. Lyra’s main problem that she fights with a lot is her OCD. She has to have everything perfect which means she can be very strict about the neatness of her stuff or a cohort.

Combat experiences?: [mediocre] Lyra has gone on may quests (I roleplayed going into /warp ward666 or whatever the warp was I don’t remember right now. Anyways I roleplayed it as a quest with 4 or so people. I also roleplayed the Dwarves of Dunhirm with a few other people as well. And many trips into the Northern woods and at CO. Another roleplay I did was at the Labyrinth)

Bloodline: Mom: Roman (God)
Dad: Born in Florida
Lyra: Roman (Demigod)
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An RP trial will be given as an assessment from the Roman Senate.
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Characteristics unfit to be a Centurion.
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