Brooksided's Ban Appeal #2

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Before this appeal begins I would like to clarify a few assurances the server as a whole would receive upon my unban (if accepted). I decided to add these in to reassure comfort to staff and others within the server during my time back on server. The first assurance is the action of permanently muting me in the global channel on-server, and generally all other channels that have the capabilities of broadcasting to the entire server (general, help, etc). The second is the action of casting a permanent ban on me from ever applying for a position of heightened authority in roleplay or otherwise (CL, Centurion, Staff, anything with more permissions or new authorities). The final is the permanent ban from the server's Discord, not a singular channel but rather the Discord as a whole. I understand I have in the past used a VPN to connect regardless though I guarantee you all this will not be happening. I will not ever have access to the discord or other forms of social interaction to the server as a whole. I am here for roleplay and roleplay only, albeit without the opportunity for the chance of heightened authority, which I would go along with regardless of outlining the assurance.

Minecraft Username: Brooksided.

Reason of Ban: A multitude of reasons, most of which were rather intolerable and stupid. I spammed, repeated racist profanities, capsed, harassed people, and honestly was just a toxic ass. Everything I did was simply a joke out of spite for the server- some poor things happened to me whilst I spent my time on here and I felt payback was necessary, though after a great amount of time thinking on my actions, I see what I did was wrong. Obviously these jokes weren't funny, at all. What I've done is inexcusable, though I'm really just hoping for a second chance.

Staff that banned me: Not 100% sure, the two staff that were on the time were Aptixty and Druifjee so I'd have to guess either of them.

Why you should be unbanned: Honestly there isn't much reason behind an unban for me other than the possibility of wanting to give me a second chance. I realise I did a lot wrong in the past, and not only can I assure you that this will not happen again, but I won't even have the capabilities to (check the note at the top of the app). I really just want to get on to RP, and to RP only. I won't be dedicating all my time to the server especially with me going back to school within the week, but I'd just like something to do on the side for a bit. Everything I did was a joke, though that's not an excuse, and it in itself was pretty unfunny and I completely understand my ban. I believe I have had a good amount of time to reflect on my actions, though this is understandably hard to believe due to me using a VPN to connect to the Discord regardless. This was a hasty decision and of complete idiocy, I guess I just wanted to check on things and maybe annoy a few people. Regardless, this will not be happening again, and all I can do is hope that that is understood.

As said above there is no excuse for my actions. I am not here to ask for forgiveness, but rather a second chance. I will never have the ability to interact to the whole server at once and at the most only be able to communicate over Discord (not the server's) or in /msg on server to one person. As for my racially inappropriate spam, of which I believe was the trigger for my permanent ban, all I can say is that I am sorry. While I am unwilling to drop what I find funny and what I enjoy, I now understand that there is a time and place for that kind of talk, and the server is not either of those, especially when spammed. I made numerous mistakes, and all I can ask for is a second chance.

Evidence: I suppose the only evidence I have is the word of staff and players. Pretty much anyone who was on at the time of my actions can vouch for the fact that I did what I did, because spamming and capsing racially profane words is hard to miss. As for anything else, I have the ban message listed here.

Additional things you'd like to say: All I can say is that I am sorry. I had been punished before this ban and all appropriate actions had been taken to give me chance upon chance, though I was too close minded to pay any attention to them. I just want a second chance to roleplay.

Also I know that I just copy-pasted this appeal but I still stand by everything I said, I just hope now will be a more suitable time for review.

Finally I know it was brought up that if I come back you don't wanna do the whole OOC chat mute thing but that was really a suggestion. It's up to you if you want to or not.
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Denied. You copied your old appeal, so we see zero effort or want to be unbanned. Not to mention that this ban appeal was denied for the content of it. You have come on since your ban on an alt and had it also permanantly banned without us knowing it was you priod to the ban. The administrator, Druifjee, mentioned that if you would like us to even possibly consider an appeal, you should contact her due to your immense amount of rule breaking and number of bans in the past. Locked for further replies.

Posted Jan 9, 19
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