Camp Half-Blood Roleplay - Non Canon

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Any and all free to join. No donation roles unless you have purchased it (Big 3, Demititan, Egyptian, Warden, or Elysian).
Please refer to the Lore Sheets if you are unfamiliar with your character's abilities or the characters you are allowed to create.
Names must not be from the books, must be realistic first and last names, and may not be famous people. You will be contacted by a staff member if your character requires revision. You may link a character introduction in your first message if you have one. Your first message should contain a brief description.
Disputes must be resolved by those involved in private messages within 1 hours of occurrence, or the emotes involved are voided.

----Begin Roleplay----

Andrew would stand 6'1, a lean, built man. He would have dirty blonde hair and electric blue eyes, complemented by his tan-white complexion. He sat on a log near the campfire, a dagger tucked in the small of his back, a round shield slung around his back, and an Xiphos on his left side. In his hands, he pitifully whittled a stick, attempting to carve it into a knife. He would be wearing black cargo pants, a grey, form fitting t-shirt, and black tactical boots.

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Carah would walk over to the fire and start putting her hands up to the fire, warming herself up as she would look over to Andrew. Being a daughter of Jupiter she would notice him as her brother and walk over, asking "Heyo, how ya doing?" she would have a Roman Hastiliarius Spatha strapped to her left side and a light blue T-shirt with jeans on, along with her favorite yellow sweatshirt tied around her waist. She had blond hair and electric blue eyes with tan skin.
Posted Jan 7, 19