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IGN: Baron_ Blank

Character name: Baron Leer

Character age: 17

Godly relation: Nike

Name of Power: Victory Incarnate

Provide a basic synopsis of what this power does:
The power manifest of the concept Victory granting increased chances at victory to themselves, and able to grant such chances to others. Beyond that they gain enhanced skills, and physicals traits with a unique durability, and in dire situations they can push past all limits in an all out grab at Victory.

What is the nature of this power (i.e. passive or active): Baron has been hand picked by his mother Nike the Goddess Victory to receive her blessing as her one and only physical embodiment of victory.

Passive: Competitive Body: Through the blessing of Nike, Baron is granted a body befitting victory like the ancient Olympic competitors of old. This new enhanced body takes his already natural inclination for skills, and enhances them greatly boosting not only his combative skills, but any skill he picks up through competition. On top of that his body possesses enhanced physical traits overall that even Olympic athletes would be envious of.

Active:Victorious Aura: Baron is surrounded in an aura of victory marking him on the battlefield as one to follow It takes the form of a shimmering golden glow when Baron is in combat, or competing though at all times do his irises glow like molten gold. This aura can even be extended outwards from his own body to cover others. It takes 2 emotes to begin extending the aura two meters away from them or two blocks, and an additional 1 emote for every additional meter/block up to 6meters, or 6 emotes.

Passive: Defense of Chance: A unique defense granted through Victory Incarnate is that of chance. Possessing an increased probability for victory even attacks against his body are affect an arrow that clearly hit him could only graze him, or be blown off course at the last possible moment. It is only a chance though, and does not make Baron invulnerable from harm merely more resistant to being harmed.

Active: Snatch Victory from the Jaws of Defeat: Not even victory is perfect , and chance is not always in Baron's favor when the odds are stacked against him, and he is backed up against the wall that is where the Son of Victory is at his most dangerous. Able to temporarily supercharge Victory Incarnate and surpass his limits. Channeling the pure power of victory Baron becomes nigh on invulnerable, his strength, speed, agility, reflexes, endurance, and fighting skills highly increased making him at least for a time a one man army so to speak.

Does this power make use of rolling, if so, state what die needs to be rolled:
Competitive Body: Grants a +10% to rolls using physical/combat skills.
Victorious Aura: Grants +10% to all rolls to those under it's influence.
Defense of Chance: Whenever an attack "hits" roll a d100 75+ Defense of Chance Activates , anything less has no effect.
Snatch Victory from the Jaws of Defeat: When activated roll 2d3 for how many emotes it last. +20% to all defensive Rolls (when active)

How many emotes does it take to use this power:
Victorious Aura: (3-6) Emotes. Takes 2 to start extending the Aura at 2 meters +1 Emote for ever additional meter, to a max of 6.
Snatch Victory from the Jaws of Defeat: Last 2d3 Emotes, when deactivated it takes x2 more emotes to recover enough to fight. (i.e 3 emotes = 6 emotes of fatigue)

Pros (in bullet points):

  • Blessed by Nike
  • Victorious Aura is inspiring to Allies
  • Can surpass his limits

    Cons (also in bullet points):
    • The Strength of the Blessing attracts stronger monsters
    • Enhanced Traits requires more upkeep of the body (i.e more food, and rest to keep up with the calorie burn)
    • Can only surpass his limits once a week or risk destroying his body (i.e bones break like firecrackers, tendons tearing, think Deku using One for All)
    • Losing at physical activities weakens the powers of Baron with losing multiple times in a row heavily if not outright depowering Baron completely.
      1 Loss: Baron loses the natural +1 to D20 rolls
      2 Losses: All Abilities loose effectiveness (Aura is reduced to a radius of 4, DoC requires 80+, and SVftJoD reduced to 1d4 emotes)
      3 Losses: All Abilities take further debuffs (Aura is reduced to a radius of 2, DoC requires 90+, and SVftJoD reduced to 1d2 emotes)
      4 Losses: Loses use of Victory Incarnate for 5 days

      Winning at physical actives resets the Loss Counter
    • Knowingly Cheating counts as a loss in the eyes of Nike.

    Feats in accordance to the character (based on merit of feat):

    Baron dived beneath the swinging cudgel of a particular foul smelling giant who looked like he had stepped right out the bayou swamps in his overall, and straw hat get up. Launching himself upwards using the wooden cudgel as a spring board Baron promptly removed his head from his shoulders his body exploding into gold dust. Landing on his feet he turns his gaze across the battle field his once already golden eyes now glowing like molten gold, a gold aura surrounding him in the heat of battle. Ever since he had received the blessing of his mother things had been different to say the least already an accomplished warrior in his own right, the blessing of Nike only heightened what he was able to do. Looking across the raging fight around him he saw things with a newfound clarity things were happening so fast around him, but still he was able to notice such a vast swath of information it was almost overwhelming. See a group of Nike kids about to be over run by charging monsters he knew what he had to do.

    Throwing himself into a full on sprint he was like a golden streak across the field each footstep propelling him further than he would have thought possible before the blessing. Reaching out his golden aura expanded washing over the campers just before the charge hit. Suddenly the group of Nike kids were making shots they were previously missing, and spear points found purchase in the gaps of the monster's arm Victory was now at their side. Joining the fray he fought side by side his sibling tearing a hole through the monster's line pushing further, and further overextending for certain , but he knew he had this handled. Until a crossbow bolt struck true into his chest punching through his armor in what should have been a near lethal kill, but at the last minute the medal that hung from his necklace had caught the bolt deforming around the tip, but saving his life.

    Taking the hint from the Fates Baron pulled back with his forces Blessing or not he was not invulnerable even if he really did feel like it at times. He was still mortal after all, and luck wasn't always going to rooting for him so. Though the damage to the monster's line had been done the other campers rallying to Baron and those who fought under his path of victory. Sometimes that is all it take's huh....a hero to rally behind snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. He thought to himself finally coming off of the high of battle as the rest of the forces cleaned up. Exhaustion washed over him he was stronger, faster, tougher that much was certain but still he was flesh, and blood and such heroic feats took a lot of energy out of him he was going to need to eat, and take a nap before he pushed forward once more.
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Interesting use of the powerset of Nike, and overall a good application.
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