Connie's Ban Appeal

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Banned users
IGN/Nick name:
SneksAreTheBest, BirbsAreTheBest

Reason of ban:
Sabotaging another player, harassment, breaching final warning.

Staff that banned you (if known):
Jules and Andrew

Why you should be unbanned (2+ sentences):
I have discussed the sabotaging extensively with multiple staff, so I'll focus on what brought me to my final warning.
I have very bad self-awareness, and generally am unaware to what may or may not hurt people's feelings. Talking shit about characters is something that commonly occurs from other people directed to other people, other people directed to me, and myself directed to other people. I was unaware it was something against the rules or seen as "bullying", for the hurt I usually felt I credited to my sensitivity. (I have a bad habit of deescalating my own pain.) For this, I apologize to anyone and everyone who's roleplay character I insulted in a way that hurt you as a person.
Continuing forward, I would like to apologize if my behaviour was interpreted as targetting someone, something that I don't purposefully do. In fact, it's more of that I joke a lot about a lot of people, and people tend to think that it's only happening to them, but that'd be like saying I'm targetting everyone, you can only see the jokes directed at you.
Lastly, I ask that instead of repeated warning and threats of bans in the future, that I am warned with the 1/3 system, kicked or muted if repeated, and jailed if necessary. I ask for the common courtesy of being treated with the usual global rules, as well as that people tell me to stop if I am hurting them. I request these things because neither occurred following the incidents used that I was warned and put on my last warning. If I was told to stop harassing or talking about someone, by staff or by the player, I would, and I have yet to see evidence otherwise. (In hindsight, I might have missed it, so apologies if that's the case.)
To conclude, I am regretful for the behaviour that got me in this situation and hope to work with staff and players to prevent hurting others in the future.

Evidence (screenshots, witnesses, etc [if no evidence, make a believable plee]):
I will not be sharing the doc I used to prove the sabotaging with anyone outside of the staff team, because they have no reason to see it. The doc has circulated amongst multiple staff members.

Additional things you’d like to say (optional):
If James would like to know what happened, he can hit me up on discord.
I don't... how you say... "deal with emotions". I bury them. In my love for klondike bars.
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