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Resignation Notice - Dom and Squishy
Dom -

So ya, I'm writing this doc currently to announce that I'm out. After 4, almost 5, long years of playing on Wizry, it’s finally time for me to leave. Now, the main reason for my resignation is that the server isn't fun for me anymore. Before, whenever I logged into the server, I was happy. Everyday after school I would rush my homework, just so I could play with my friends. Over time, lots of the people I considered friends left. Even though I still have some friends on the server currently, it's just not the same. Another thing is that building was my creative outlet. A way to let myself relax and have fun making something cool. But half the times, those builds are never used by anyone.

Now onto the other reasons I'm leaving. To start off, I'll just mention that builders aren't really treated fairly. When it comes to respect, the build team is seen as little to nothing, despite what we do. Some of the current players don't have respect for us, and certain staff members seem to think that we are beneath them. No offense toward the staff team, but a builder can't make every little build you need. There were times that staff members forced builds upon us without consulting higher authority. And yes, even though we are builders, we also have lives, and other more important builds to work on. My next point is that the staff team has a new system where they can get donor items by earning points from helping players. So what I'm trying to understand is why the build team's effort isn't being noticed, while the staff team now has an easy way to earn free donation perks that other people pay for. It just seems somewhat unfair when the builders do 4× the amount of work they do.

The next reason is the disconnect in the staff team. For one, the staff team doesn't work as a cohesive unit. They change decisions all the time, even with evidence pointing in the opposite direction. Some members of the team are biased towards certain players as well. The team just doesn't work well together. For example, half of the staff rarely show up to the supposed staff meetings. Half of those meetings are them messing around. I’m saying this now because I've witnessed it. In our first meeting the number of builders attending was higher than the number of staff members, and we aren't even considered staff members. Another thing I should bring up is that the staff team aren't open to any new ideas. The current staff really only care about rp. Any idea brought up to the team is usually shut down if it isn't to related rp, though there are a select few who are trying to push more non-rp related ideas. In all honesty, the staff team now is even worse than when Will and Austin were apart of the team.

As for the direction the server is heading, I have no idea. Back when I first joined, the server was averaging about 70 players a day, now, that number is somewhere around 10. The idea of percy jackson roleplay is unique, but not all minecraft players want to rp. Most want to play a game that actually has a goal to reach. Currently on the server, there is no goal with rp, except to make your character so op, until the next lore wipe. It's funny, because on average, 1 out of every 10 new players that join actually stay. This isn't just because of the concept of the server, but the content. The survival aspect of the server is limited to basic minecraft, and our rpg elements are close to nothing. The quests we have are limited, and sometimes bugged. Besides PJ, who even plays on skyblock? Creative? Usually nobody, except for rare occasions. It's visible for anybody to see.

And the last reason as to why I'm leaving. If any of you didn't know already, I'm going to college soon. I'll be playing division 2 rocket league next year and the following year, I'll be going division 1. With me joining a team, I'll be putting most of my time into playing so I can compete with the better schools.

Although I'm leaving, I still hold Wizry close to my heart. I wish the best to all the players, past and present, for being great influences in life. You guys essentially helped create who I am today. And there's no way I can ever repay you all for that. I've met so many great people on the server, and the amount of memories I have are off the chart. I really hope the staff team is able to resolve all its problems, because you guys some serious untapped potential. I'm hoping to see the day when you guys go big, and I'll be supporting you all the way through it. And I'm gonna say this a ton of times, but I'm sorry for going off a bit. I just had to get my own opinion out there. I hope that it isn't seen as much of a roast, but more so as constructive criticism. No matter what, Wizry will always be my home, and I'll never forget what it has done for me. I wanna thanks a ton of people, so imma start the list.

To Steph: Bruh, when I first joined, I thought you were fluffing cool af. The way that you ran the server was insane, whenever you got on, it was like a party was going on server-wide. I remember first being a helper for a short while, but after being a player again, you gave me a chance. I remember messaging you over the forums about asking for a trial period. You told me you were waiting for me to apply, and I was super excited. I was ecstatic when I learned the bois wanted me in. You not only allowed me to become a trial builder, but you gave me a shot at something I loved, but on a higher level. I don't think there is any way I can ever pay you back for all of the advice and support you've given me over my stay at Wizry. I hope the best for you with school and the server. Keep working hard and continue the grind. I know you can do it. I wish the best for you and I'll be waiting to see your name in the fame.

To Duck: Dude, I'm gonna miss you alot. You were the coolest Duck I knew. You taught me alot about building, and almost edged me into buying Overwatch to play Lucio Ball. We made a lot of funny memes and jokes in chat, and Imma remember them, fo sure. All in all, it was a pleasure to work with a great builder like you. I wish you the best in your building endeavors, and with your lady.

To Ben: Idek where to start. Your an amazing person. You work your ass off trying to make things as nice as possible. The amount of work you do is insane, sometimes overboard, but you keep on going. Your work ethic is the best I've seen in my entire life. The drive you have to sit down and work for hours on end with little sleep, blows my mind. Not only do you build, you can make 3D models, and take care of players on the server. Your almost like a second owner or head admin. I wish the best for you and wherever your path leads to. You have talent many don't and I hope it gets seen by everybody. And I can't forget your dedication to the server. You put in tons of work and I respect how much you do, and I strive to do it myself. Thank you for all that you taught me and the memories we've created.

Squishy: Bro, I've known you long enough now, that I consider you my best friend. You literally sat down and took time out of your day to teach me about building. I can't ever do anything to repay you for that. Your one talented mofo and your gonna make it big one day. In game and irl. I still remember meeting up irl in the pouring rain after your tour competition. It was bad weather, but it was awesome as hell to get to meet up and meet you. I'm glad you became my friend and I will always remember you as the Piano God.

To Staff Team: You guys are all good people. You are trying to get the server popular again, and I respect that. I know I went off on you all earlier, but that still doesn't mean I'm not your friend or local neighborhood astronaut. If you guys ever need anybody to talk or need help, I'm always here. I'll miss you all, and I'm sorry that we ended on sour note. Much love to all of ya, and good luck with everything.

To players: All you guys are awesome, despite a few. You all actually decided to take time out of your day and play the server. You got to see all of the builds I took part in and gave me much needed feedback. And for all of that, I can't thank you enough. You guys are what makes the server work and I hope you continue to enjoy the server in my absence. Have fun, and stay safe.

So this is the end, Imma miss my online home, and I'll never forget my experiences.

Thank you everyone for making my time on the server worth it.

-Sincerely, Dom ‘Claptain Planet’

Squishy -

I add on to this doc to include my reasons for leaving. If you have not yet found out, I have dedicated my last build on the network towards all the good memories and friendships I’ve made through Wizry. I’ve left staff a warp for them to be able to access the build. The build itself contains 4 structures that each represent a stage in my life that Wizry held an impact in. I leave it to the staff to decide whether or not to allow access to the other players. Each area of the build features a small little “memory” behind each memory build are dispensers that contain books that I wrote that explain the significance of that time and why it’s important to me, starting from ROPJ to my final closing statement. As mentioned on the build, I highly encourage people to explore the build itself as I have put little mementos that some of you might relate to.

Why have I decided to leave? Well in the past, I was part of Valentor, the OG OG build team before the first ‘Wizry’ build team. Then after the first group of Wizry builders was formed, I left to study abroad and ended up taking up a kind of internship with a builder from France. Under his wing, I heavily increased my knowledge and understanding of architecture as a whole, and even more, elements of making a build “good.” This includes how to utilize atmosphere, how to stay relevant in the style of building and how to make it appeal to people. Through him, I was able to start doing commissioned builds with a few other freelance builders. This very intensely changed my view on building, as I became exposed to the politics of commissioning and the importance of realizing what your effort really is going into. I embraced the feeling of knowing that my time and effort was going to be embraced by players. In some cases, thousands. The follow up conversations with our clients thanking us for our work and telling us how their players spent more time on the lobby or the spawn than in the actual “gamemode” made me appreciate the whole building aspect much more, now that there was a work and reward effect. When I returned in September this year, I was actually really shocked that it was only Ben Dom and Duck taking on Egypt. Already, Egypt had come a long way but it was a pretty big project. Originally intending to just be visiting, I ended up missing the old bois and decided to stick around. However as pleasant at it has been working with them again, I’ve come to realize that the community and the vibe in the network isn’t the same as I last recall. To me, I see our builds as being appreciated by the players of course but only for say a week or two after release. After that, it’s just another background for an RP. When the current CHB was released, people were spending hours exploring the map as there were so many perks and little easter eggs that were added all over the map, it was very player interactive, and the map itself gained so much attention that Rick Riordan himself retweeted a featured showcase of Camp Half Blood and I’d like to think that attracted the majority of the players at that time. Point is, that there were only 3, and for my time here, 4 builders who spent countless hours rushing other things like homework and socializing with other people to sit in front of a monitor and constantly right click to make an area. I’ve spent recent times tp’ing to players randomly just out of curiosity and it kinda pisses me off to see a bunch of people huddled in a circle around a vendor. I get it, PJ is an RP server, but what happened to exploring the friggin huge ass map and not being confined to the vendor area or the dungeon? Does no one appreciate how Duck and Ben interiored practically every building in residential Egypt or how the little towns are not copy pasted and instead are entirely unique? Or how immense the palace itself actually is?

The bottom line is, I don’t feel like all the hours of time and mental effort that we’ve put into these projects has been worth it. I don’t feel like our work is appreciated anymore and that instead we’re just another tool or resource for people to use to have access to a new background for their RP or have new dungeons and vendors to obtain new items or quests to rank up their character. It’s also been frustrating to see how Ben would get bombarded with whole ass ideas that we’d never heard of but be told no like we need it because someone said or whatever. Like where’d the heads up go? We do indeed have other projects we’re working on even though we may not seem like it cause we haven’t announced it. Well us builders are very kept to each other, most of the time we’ll only be interacting with each other cause what the hell do we know about moderation or creating items or directing an event? Nothing. But when out of nowhere we’re being asked to do this or whatever, even if it may seem like easy work for us, it’s just one of those little pet peeves that snowballs because really we do have other prioritized projects.

Another thing I’ve kinda of gotten tired of if the attitude of toxicity and rebellion that’s kinda defined the playerbase. I don’t mean to come off as hostile or anything, but lets face it, what happened to global? What is it, do we just not want to appear so sensitive? Yeah I get it, but that being an excuse or throwing out oh stop being toxic or some other shit like that has gotten old. People are trying to manipulate rules just to continue whatever they’re going off about and there’s been like a split between individuals in the staff team about decision making. Whether that be lack of proof or personal connections to other players or a dislike for another staff, put that behind you. I may not know much about moderation rules or quests, rp guidelines, or items, but I can certainly tell you that I know what makes a team effective.
Communication and Chemistry are almost key. I get that we’ve been trying to fix these problems through meetings and such, but I’ve kinda gotten tired of waiting for the situation to get better. It’s like old problems resurface, they get addresseed, but only partially resolved, then later it comes up again and the cycle repeats. One: communication. I get it, we’re all in different time zones, but if people are acting on their own accord without bringing it up or something. Or bringing it up after acting, then what’s the point. What’s hindering the coms?? If y’all can’t communicate and agree then ofc the issue’s just gonna get worse and worse. That leads me into my second point: Chemistry. Chemistry between the team is a crucial element. Whether you like it or not, the staff team has to talk to each other alot, get to know each other, and share similar ways of addressing problems and responding to them. And its evident that there are some bias whether they be major or minor for or against certain players, staff and normies alike. Little beefs with others should be left in PM’s or to yourself. Don’t bring them up when you’re addressing something as a unit, or worse, bring it up in the chat publicly because all it’s going to do is create bad blood between everyone and make everyone more toxic towards each other and before you know it bam, someone thinks someone else should be a position or not have a position, etc. etc. Point is you can be beefing right. Just don’t bring that shit up to us or argue in the chat and be all petty about it. You create an issue with someone in the team, then resolve it so all the bad blood can be put behind you and y’all can work effectively.
From personal experience, I have seen stable organizations and networks crumble because of an argument that started between to individuals, who spread it to their friends who took sides and then soon enough, the team itself was split and bam, it folds. Personally, Wizry still holds a soft spot in my minecraft land of life and I’d hate to see it fold because people can’t agree on something. On top of all that, I’ve also thought that I should move on to something that more fits my desires of building. As much as I enjoy building for Wizry, Roman and Egyptian are not really my personal favorites. I really want to be building something I enjoy working on and I believe I’ve found myself a place to be happy.
Additionally, I’ll be running in as a starter sprinter and jumper in college and I’ve been going on tour with Drum Corps International and Winter Guard International as a percussionist. I rarely have any time to play minecraft anymore and the times you see me on, I’m probably multitasking by practicing music on the side or logging progress, studying, etc. I do infact have a personal life, and we’re not all just robots haha. But yeah, real life time has become a priority as I also have myself a lovely lady who I have pushed aside for far too long, and it’s about time that I’ve finally opened my eyes to give her the rightful attention she deserves after we first met. So can I get a hell yeah for shooting my shot bois??

I’d like to close on a more positive note haha. Sorry if those past paragraphs seem very aggressive, I guess I’ve just released some pent up frustration. Anyway let’s get to it. I’d like to start by saying in no way am I trying to ditch Wizry because it sucks or because I don’t like the people on it. In fact, I still have friends I talk to regularly who were on the server long ago. I even met Dom when he came to see me over the summer while I went on tour. See, I don’t have any hard feelings against anyone on Wizry, I just hate the environment and vibe it gives me now. It doesn’t feel welcoming, it doesn’t make me happy to be on there, reading an argument while I’m just trying to find the block ID i local chat’d myself. But I’ll stop the negativity. I’d like to start by thanking the Build Bois for welcoming me back and being the most chill ass team to work with. I wish Duck, Ben, and Dom the most of success in their futures whether that be on another team, staying here, or dropping minecraft completely. I hope we can stay in touch. I’d like to thank the staff team for dealing with our shit when we’re going off about something. I get that we don’t come off as the nicest people but trust us, when we’re not frustrated with builds, we’re actually pretty lit. I hope you all can overcome what problems that are inhibiting the team right now and resolve em to increase the effectivity. After all, you guys are going to be the staff of a server that is about to be featured on minecraft’s official magazine in a future edition. It’d probably suck to attract people and for them to be thrown in a playerbase that constantly fights against the staff. So I mean, good luck with that, for reals, yall gotta lock it down.

Finally I’d like to thank Steph, whom I personally owe a lot to. If y’all didn’t know, Steph and I go back to like 2012-2013 when we both were first learning how to build. Back then PJ was just PJ. The realm of percy jackson. And it was small as shit, but look where the fuck it is now. I’d like to thank you for plugging me into Valentor and sliding me into Cake’s good side and introducing me to the Frenchies like skrill and friggin Olli. haha. Good memories. Anyway yeah, without you plugging me into Valentor Steph, I probably wouldn’t have met who I met and moved up in the leagues to where I am now. I owe alot to you, from creating my nickname “Squishy” to kicking off my career in the building community. I’ve met some of the coolest people thanks to you and even got to meet some of them in person. I hope that my cumulative time here somewhat is enough to what I’d like to think of pays you back for all you’ve done to me. You’re nesting an egg of a network right now, and I can’t wait to see when it hatches into a bird. Fucking take off man, take off. And know you’ll have my support.

Once again, thank you all for taking me into your community so long ago and taking me back recently and warming up to me as an outsider. I appreciate you all for accepting me and know that you all hold a little spot in my life.

Thanks again,
Sky “Squishy”
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Good luck in college!
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bye bois

Sebbie The Slaya
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Love you both <3 A lot of us will definitely miss you guys on the server.
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I'll stay in touch Dom, good luck friend.
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