Bodies lay strain across the shambles and rubble which remain of the once formidable camp of the Greek Demigods. Men, women, and children put to the bow without remorse or bias. Cabin House, Messhall, and Armoury alike all put to the torch. For those who adventure to such ruins of Camp Half-Blood, they'd find countless bodies impaled or crucified across the cobbled pathways, or in massive burn pits. All Nymph and mythological creatures within the forests have been killed, and put to the torch once more.

Of the 1000 Greeks, 400 remain alive. 100 having pledged their loyalty to the Roman Separatist Leon Kastrafe whomst led a small battalion of Forsaken Legionnaires to cut down those who did not kneel, and delayed the advanced of the Mongolian Horde. For all remaining Greeks who did not bend to Leon, and successfully escaped the carnage, they'd flee toward Camp Jupiter- where such refugees spread the word of the massacre. The majority of mythological monsters flee in all directions, for all bear witness to what may be the end of the world.

The Praetors’ of Rome, along with several Legionnaires, and the senate would also be sent a missive from the Self Proclaimed Imperator

"Denizens of Rome, a new threat has surfaced among us. The Crimson Khante has burned Camp Halfblood to the ground, killing many. This is heavily attributed to their incompetent leadership. I offer you the option to temporarily serve under me, and call a temporary ceasefire to allow us to properly dispense of this threat.”

-Leon Kastrafe