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What is your name?
Viktor Elric

What is your IGN?



How long have you played on Wizry?
I started 2 years ago played for about a year then took some time off been back for 6 months.

How skilled would you deem yourself as a roleplayer, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest?

I’d say a solid 7 just really getting into rp and crp exploring this with Demi-god aspects. Done a few events recently and really got into it.

Roleplay Experience
I have a lot of roleplay experience from play D&D for many years irl to years of Minecraft rp servers it’s something I enjoy doing.

Given the choice, would you rather work alone, or collaborate with others?
I’d always chose numbers and the power that lies in many over one. The strength of one man is nothing. I love hearing others opinions and getting a more broad sense of things. Very sociable in character and ooc.

How many hours can you dedicate to playing on the server per day consistently?
I am on everyday for at least a hour. During the weekends/ summer I play for at least 2-4 hours a day.

Is your character an able politician, as well as a military leader?

Yes Viktor has studied a large spectrum of materials relating to the subject of political work. His strong will to survive and hate of the world has lead him to being a strong willed individual. He has lead a small group of men in the past. He could lead soldiers as a military leader. He beloved heavily in absolute balance and fairness ruling all men equal.

Why do you believe that, above all other candidates, you are the most befitting of this position?

Viktor Elric is a hardened man he doesn’t back down to injustice and inequalities and is very self righteous and believes highly in his balance regardless of the opposing views. His years of experience and being exposed to the duality of the world has shaped him. He knows man is truly good and evil there is no one side there is always it’s always one and one.
He firmly believes in balance and order of the universe. OOC I feel my maturity and respect for order and showing great examples to aspiring role players as well as leading better examples I could make a very positive impact. I don’t have time for childish hijinks I want to see the server and staff thrive and be respected!

Do you have previous experiences with leadership roles on the server?

Yes I have been a centruion on another Percy Jackson rp server a few years back before being shut down and led with a lot of passion. Also I have led cohorts on other servers in the past. Very familiar with Demi-god and rp servers.

Do you see yourself as a leader? If so, elaborate.

Years and years of being a Demi-god hardened through battle and hardships of the real world he is a refined man. Yes Viktor takes pride in making positive changes and strive to make good examples with balance and show younger players maturity and respect to them not just simply laughing at everything but honoring what we have going for us. I have tons of rp leadership skills along with OOC I have lead in school it’s a natural feeling of right and wrong helping others and leading by example.

Are you familiar with the current Centurions IRP, and OOC as well?

IRP I am aware of them being part of Legion I have a relationship with a few. OOC I know who they are and have spoken with them many times.

Are you willing to put any other characters you may have aside and consider them secondary to this one?

Viktor is my main character I don’t have any others.

Are you aware that lack of activity will result in the immediate demotion of your character?

I’m aware!

Are you an avid student of history? If so, is it Roman history, or something else?

I have studied all types of mythos and mythology from Greek, Roman, Norse all the way to Japanese and Chinese’s. It’s a hobby as well as something I was taught it school. I still take history as apart of my main courses. It’s something I enjoy.


What is your character’s name?
Viktor Elric

What is your character’s age?

What is your character’s gender?

Who is your character’s divine parent?

Does your character have experience with leadership?
Yes. He has led his friends in the past through the slums in his hometown before being claimed. He has never officially led anyone under the Rome legion. He fought in the Demi-titan war with Praetor Wally helping in sync making it to Praetor Guard.

How many years has your character served in the legion? Are they still in active duty?
Five years in the legion participating the Demi-Titan War as a legionary and he is still active. He was assigned to Cohort 4 as legionnaire until offered by Praetor Wally Wheeler to be royal guard.

What cohort is your character aspiring to take command of?
Cohort 4 if taken he’d gladly challenge whoever is current in.

Is your character Greek or Roman by blood?

Provide some biological facts about your character (date of birth, appearance, et cetera).
Viktor was born in October 31, 1997. He has a chiseled muscular build brolic use to harsh cold as a result growing up in northern Russia as well as constant combat training from years of serving Rome as a Legionnaire. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. His skin tone is pale which is no surprise being from.

Is your character a member of a currently recognized noble family? If so, which family?
No he isn’t.

Describe your character’s personality
Viktor is a very hardened man who had has been through many hardships in his life. He believes the world is a cruel place and knows how truly evil it can be. This has made him a fair man to his family and friends along with his allies he is level headed in battle. In spite of everything he’s been through cares deeply for the well being of others and strives to make a positive impact. Growing up in the slums he has learned how to fight for survival. It makes him a dangerous man know he made it out on his own he is very prideful and hopes to inspire others and showing them true balance.

Personality Type

Where does your character sit on the political spectrum?
Right wing. (Optimates.)

Explain the hierarchy system of Camp Jupiter.

Auxiliary - Individuals of non-Romani blood who serve the Legion. Oftentimes, they are placed in Cohort V these are outsiders of the legion could be Greek or Titan anything in between here.

Probatio - Soldiers in training; New soldiers in the Legion. They are not yet named Legionary, lacking in experience. Very easy transition from this to legionary often times probatio’s are demoted legionaries.

Legionary - The main body of the Roman Legion. Mainstay soldiers, assigned to different Cohorts 4-1 typically . Usually, they are under the command of a Centurion. Always absolute to the Praetor. Very hardworking usually common men can spend up to 40+ years serving.

Evocatus - A term for a veteran of the Roman Legion, who had previously been discharged but was recalled. They are well-respected, and as such are well above Legionary in all aspects.

Optio - The Centurion’s right-hand. An individual who is placed in command in the absence of the Centurion, a second-in-command of a designated Cohort. Usually named by the Centurion.
Centurion - The military commander of a Cohort, and the individual in charge of the coordination, discipline and training of any Legionary within their Cohort. There are usually five Centurions in Rome, one for each Cohort.

Praetor - Commanders of the Legion. There are two Praetors at any given time, and they are considered the absolute leaders of Camp Jupiter and the Roman Legion. Ruling in all aspects of the Legion.

Senate - Usually just a political body, though they are tasked with overseeing the Legion’s affairs, and as such are considered a notch above a Praetor, as they would be the only ones with authority to discharge him should the situation prove dire enough for such a thing. They keep order when absolutely crucial and if the Praetors word is ever questioned they can determine the outcome.

Is your character the type of person who will stand by their beliefs, even they are unprofitable?
Viktor is a man of his word and strongly stands by his own beliefs. He would never let something as little as profit change his beliefs and who he is.


Scenario I: Defamation would be zero tolerance. Viktor would be sad this reached his ears and the Optio wasn’t able to nip this in the butt earlier. Falling to Viktor he would hold a emergency meeting gathering everyone for discussion. Once arrived he would call out the unkempt legionnaire telling him to answer and come forward to the rumors. He would have the others who have heard the gossip from the legionnaire confirm it was him. With everything set Viktor would swiftly demote the legionnaire without speaking another word to the coward before kicking him out of Cohort 4 to 5 if open if not he’s open to the others. Warning the other’s if this was to happen again there would be greater punishments. He rallies them “this isn’t a children’s school, we are warriors fighting constantly anyone who has time for such foolishness doesn’t belong.”

Scenario II: Political action against Viktor. This is something he would’ve prepared for if it’s not someone trying to kill him it’s someone trying to dethrone him. He would’ve read up on current events with his rival seeing how he’s taken action in the past against others agendas. He uses this as a point show casing the rivals bitterness. Viktor has been in brutal wars with many familiar faces at the meeting he would’ve made many comrades and friends through his hard work and leadership skills along with this hardened attitude of absolute balance. They would know these rumors are nothing but a slick attempt at his spot being in such a high position of power this would’ve made him furious internally but he would save face and keep his calm demeanor. Viktor would make his points clear and concise as to why the accusations are false and even controversial opinions are common no one has the exact same beliefs. It’s unethical and unprofessional to try and just put Viktor on the spot he’d accuse the rival of being unfit in their role turning the tables pointing out Viktors deeds for the legion. If all else fails he would take the demotion and plots his next move in silence working his way up the ladder once more to ween out the corrupt.

Scenario III: Field Battle
Viktor growing all the more excited would know his men knew this is what we train endlessly for. As the orders come in and the enemy advances. He would yell and rally to them “Form the the shield formation at the right flank!!” Assuming the enemy isn’t fully in their face yet he would have the two pila unload everything into the direct middle of the enemy advancing in hopes of disrupting them leaving their left and right open. With the pila unloading on the enemy constantly and efficiently he would have the turmae split into two groups 7 men on each side of the soldiers with 1 rider in the middle this would be Viktors horse. He would call to his men rallying them while the pila continue to fire and disrupt the enemy he would have the rest of the foot soldiers and turmae direct a full front assault and engage the enemy directly. “We must not let them advance any further on us they must be stopped here! We have no back up it is us vs them! We survive this and everyone drinks and eats the finest in Rome tonight!!” He’d say pridefully and fiercely to his soldiers. “Charge them with everything you have!!” Viktor would say before mounting the last horse from a turmae riding ahead of his 40 or so legionnaires leading them straight into the groups ahead of them in hopes they were dispersed enough from the pila to be able to use his savage fighting prowess to overcome to enemies until back up or enough til they could regroup.

Scenario IV: Siege
Viktor would instantly call for his soldiers to for a U around the center of camp with Viktor being at the front. In the following moments he would deduce and recount the many times things take a turn for the worse this would be a hiccup to him. He orders his pila to start halting enemy movements immediately with their javelins raining hell on the enemy. The turmae would be ordered to split 15 - 15 on the left and right of formation. They would be ordered to charge with the remaining foot soldiers on Viktor’s word. The U formation would start to turn in on itself with Viktor falling to the back rallying his soldiers “ I need those with godly abilities to step forward and prepare to directly fight the enemy head on now!!” He would yell fiercely.
As the gifted soldiers stepped forward he would command them to take front line and use their gifts in offensive and defense respectively whichever they attuned to and used more in training. With this and his high number of men he would yell “Charge!!” Allowing all chaos to break loose he’d be in the center of his U formation fighting directly with his legionnaires in the center not allowing it to be broken commanding them when to raise their shields to enemy steps and javelins. Holding them and fighting til on the verge of collapsing til reinforcements arrive.

Scenario V: Cohort routine
5-6 am
Centurion and Optio wake up and begin morning routine this could be chatting about the days events and tasks needed to compete along with getting a bite to eat with some friendly banter. It ranges more often than not they discuss matters and grab coffee.

Optio calls for morning call everyone is expected to meet in food hall for breakfast within half a hour.

Breakfast and discussing the days activities and important announcements can be made form Cent or Optio. Viktor takes this time to greet and good morning all his soldiers to boost morale getting them ready for the day with his high energy.

7:00 - 8:00
After 15 minute of stretching they are expected to run 2-3 laps around the field of mars those in tune with their godly abilities are expected to do more and perform better than those who have little abilities. Once done running it’s mandatory high intensity cardio this includes swimming, stair climbing, jumping rope, jumping jacks, high knees and basic burpees all in hopes to keep them with high stamina or increase.

8:00 - 11:00
Once completed the cohort will be ordered to meet and divided into two teams each with a captain for war games practicing vital critical moments that could fall on them any moment. Viktor takes it very seriously observing closely and would look for any weak points in the games and would have them continually go over tactics and combat equally in hopes of strengthening the core of his cohort. The soldiers use training gear but everyday in these games are expected to fight for their lives using their abilities to the max. Can get very hectic. They never run til the full 3 hours sometimes they may so once completed they will do group battles preparing the soldiers for the craziness of war further groups of 5 spar last standing in each group fights the remainders the final remaining gets to spar with Optio or Viktor acting as a sort of boss battle going all out showing no mercy.

Rest period. This is the time for soldiers to shower, unwind and then get lunch very sociable hour for everyone.

More free time soldiers can leave CJ travel wherever they please but are expected to be back at 2 or could face double the morning run the following day.

More training this hour and a half is dedicated to individual training, following instructors, strengthening each soldiers weak points they may ask for a one v one against Centruion or Optio to help gauge their levels. Viktor gives out tips and pointers generously. This period those gifted with godly abilities are expected to be doing fundamentals training with their power it can range drastically but basically need to be training their abilities in ways only they could.

Soldiers resting doing light yoga and stretching before drills

4:00 - 8:00 Advanced training
Viktor takes this chance to conduct the longest period of training in the legion. It’s to why this day his men stand a notch above the rest. He starts
4:00-5:00 is a hour of sparring you get partnered up and practice the fundamentals of swordsmanship with varying swords long,short, curved you can use any to hone your skills.
Javelin, spear, and arrow practice to help aiming along with shield defense soldiers are to block 5 arrows with their shield being able to lift and raise it to block the arrow after fired
Two hours of pure hand to hand combat. Very firm believer of fists over sword Viktor takes pride in these two hours. He believes that if you can’t fight with your fists first you have no place on the field. Soldiers do one on one combat practice a wide variety of techniques and forms of combat. Soldiers are expected to be able to use Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, karate Muay Thai, wrestling to some extent as Viktor wants his people in their prime. He wants them above the rest.

8:00 - 8:30
Cooling down and resting in the field Viktor thanks everyone for their hard efforts and would chat with everyone he tries to be charismatic very funny man sometimes falls flat on jokes but being the big brolic man he is he usually is funny on his own.

8:30 - 9:00
Soldiers are dismissed Viktor waits until everyone is back with the barracks he waits last to answer any questions or chat with anyone that may want to approach him.

Dinner would be waiting awaiting the soldiers in hall already cooked Viktor would assure the meals are daily fresh veggies and fruits ima abundance always proteins everyone is well fed cafe style set up so think Starbucks in look, Buffett on weekends when he’s in the mood for all you can eat(often).

Viktor expects everyone to review their progress and any notable deeds, tasks or something worthwhile done that day and bring it to the table the next day they also shower , have free time, and resting/ bed time a lot of people are showered and in bed by 9:30 some chose to play video games and hang out Viktor being a avid gaming himself set up two gaming rooms for fun he always tells the Senate it helps the mind keep focused! He plays many games with his soldiers keeping close relations often dominating in fighting games such as MK, Street Fighter, Storm 4, DBFZ, and many more.

Lights out. Viktor expects everyone to be in their rooms by this point if doing well in training they can stay up a bit later doing something productive such as studying, reading, writing.

Viktor does a final walk with Optio making sure everyone is in dorms he discusses things down through day and matters for the next they slums train one on one with the Optio iin swordmanship, hand to hand and mental training before bed.

Fortuna audaces iuvat: Fortune favors the bold.
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Great app.
"Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”
― Arthur C. Clarke
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