Baron_Blank ll Baron Leer ll Nike Cabin Leader Application

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Real Life Information

What is your name:

How old are you:

What is your gender:

What is your IGN?

Do you have a Skype? If you are not comfortable with sharing the name in the application, message Propagandist.
Don't use skype but my discord is Baron Blank

How long have you been a member of Wizry?
About a Month or Two so far

How long have you roleplayed on Wizry?
Same amount of time A Month or Two on this server

How good at roleplay would you rate yourself? (On a scale of 1-10)
7-8 I've been rping on forums, WoW, minecraft, Tabletop for several years now.

What personal experience have you had as a leader?
Well I have held multiple leadership positions in School Clubs, Lead my own guild on WOW, and have been officers in past WoW Guilds, I have also been a Mod and Builder on old shut down RP Servers, and I usually take charge as the leader of the party in my tabletop groups

How active on the server are you?
I am on almost everyday so rather active on the server

Are you prepared to face the responsibilities and challenges of a Cabin Leader? Are you willing to face the sacrifice? Your Cabin Leader character will be priority in server events. Are you alright with that?
I am Prepared "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"
IRP Information

What is your character’s name?
Baron Leer

What is your character’s age?

What is your character’s gender?

Who is your character’s parent?

Has your character ever been in a position of power beforehand?
Was Captain of the Soccer Team, and School President in High school

Is your character Greek by blood?

What cabin are you applying for?
Nike Cabin

What makes you believe your character is good for this job? Give various reasons why they should be accepted over other applicants.
Like all of Nike's Kid he is competitive with a drive to succeed where others don't, but beyond that he understands the necessity of team work knowing that even if you are the best you can't stop there it is your duty to bring up those around you as well so that together everyone can be the best they can be. Baron's goal is to be the best Leader he can be no short cuts involved , if that means sacrifices so be it he isn't one to give up victory has a cost, no pain no gain so to speak.

What is your character’s personality like? Give details.
Baron Leer is a force of personality a charismatic character at heart if not a bit too prideful at times. Though prideful he may be and rather snarky at times always quick with a remark he knows he doesn't know everything, and that knowledge is half the battle when it comes to winning. As such he is quite intelligent, and analytic enough to give those at Athena Cabin a run for their money. Beyond this he has a caring soul even if he won't outright admit it he cares about others he considers to be part of the team he wants to see them succeed as much as he wants to succeed himself this is what allowed him to take his Soccer Team to two consecutive championships, as well as allowed him to better his school for the students as School President.

Does your character know their potential fellow Cabin Leaders?
Yes he has met Jayden of Hecate Cabin, as well as Zora of the Iris Cabin. He also has met Boirsti (I'm certain I spelled the name wrong) a camper claiming to be Chiron's aide.

Give a brief summary of your character’s background.
Baron Leer was born and raised in Columbus Ohio his father was an the rising star of the local soccer team the Columbus Crew taking them to many victories before getting a chance at the European Leagues. It was this trait that attracted Nike to him while his father was other in Europe Baron was raised by his grandparents his Grandfather happened to be an Olympic Athlete, winning ran in the family no wonder Nike took an interest. For the most part his childhood was pretty easy a lot of little league games, plenty of 1st place trophies the Leer family didn't settle for second best. Though when he turned 13 that's when things started to get weird Soccer took on a new meaning when the other team had a monster for a Goalie it was about this time his Satyr found him, and he was taken to Camp Half blood and accepted as a Son of Nike. Five years later and A Senior in High school Baron is having a time of his life, and only see himself soaring to further heights.

Give a brief description of your character’s powers and abilities, including their qualities as a leader, if they have any.
Baron possesses the basic powers of the Children of Nike which still makes him a force to be reckoned with he picks up skills fast especially when competition is involved, and that competitive nature is a key part of what makes him a great leader for Nike Cabin. I am all working on applying for powers with Nike as well.

List all the activities your character could lead. The activities are supposed to be related directly to their godly parent, and anything else they are good at.
Baron would be more than happy to lead training activities to help others get better from Archery to Swordsmanship , to even more mundane training got to keep yourself in good physical condition after all. Not to mention Capture the Flag, Races, and other physical games.

The following portion of the application will deal with your character’s reaction to certain situations. Respond clearly and with details! You will be graded on the effectiveness of your strategy, and on the creativeness of your strategy.

Story One

You and a fellow Cabin Leader have engaged in a dispute regarding a scandal of a fellow Cabin Leader. You do not have quite a sufficient amount of information to argue for or against the fellow Cabin Leader that is being spoken of. With the information your fellow Cabin Leader seems to have (whether true or not) they plan to report these rumors or facts directly to Chiron without calling a formal Cabin Leader meeting first.

How would your character go about investigating to uncover what is true or false? What steps would he or she take to make sure that this other Cabin Leader receives the proper treatment. Explain what could be done if the accused Cabin Leader is stable and these rumors are just that, rumors. Also explain in a separate paragraph the alternate scenario where these rumors are actually facts, what would your character do to make sure the everything is stable in Camp Half-Blood's leadership?

Baron sighs this was quite the rough position these rumors were troubling to say the least but still rumors at best there was no proof if they were real, but also no proof they weren't which was more troubling."Look we can't take this to Chiron right now what are you gonna do tell you heard from a friend of a friend lets take this to the other Cabin Leaders if it was us in the crossfire they would do the same no point going behind their backs its poor sportsmanship and all ya know I mean would you want some one going straight to Chiron over every lil rumor that pops up about you with no proof."he raises an eyebrow at the other CL his words ringing true."So here is what we will do you take this to the other Cabin Leader, and I will see what else I can find for the meeting tonight."he pats his fellow Cl on the shoulder it was time to go check on these rumors.

He did his due diligence he traced down the rumors to their source he got the proof he needed to prove innocence or guilt. He would be sure to exhaust all of his options before it was time for the meeting. He also made sure to talk to the Cabin Leader in question he always thought of himself of a good judge of character he had handled plenty of disputes back in high school as the school president . With all this gathered he would take it all to the other Cabin Leaders satisfied that he did all that he could true or not he did his job now was for the next part of his duty as a Cabin Leader.

The meeting was per usual a lot of bickering between Cabins, but despite all their differences they all had good hearts by the end of it they had reached a majority conclusion on the matter of the rumors. If more than enough evidence was gathered to show the Cabin Leader in question was unstable the matter would be taken directly to Chiron, and said Cabin leader would be asked to comply with the rules if not they would have to be restrained for the safety of themselves, and the camp what happened next would be Chiron's decision. If the rumors were in fact agreed to be rumors they would be dismissed and if someone was starting them maliciously they would be punished.

Story Two.

Camp Half-Blood is under siege by Androktasai, female spirits of war and manslaughter. They come from the South of the camp armed with swords, spears and shields. There is about 50 Androktasai total and your cabin is the first to confront the incoming invaders. The Androktasai form a phalanx and push forth from the south while archers nock their bows from behind the formation. There are 3 areas of cover that can keep up to 2 people safe. You have 30 men at your disposal, half are spearmen, 10 are swordsmen and 5 are archers. How do you go about fighting off the incoming forces?

Baron swept his gaze across the battlefield quickly analyzing it as Nike Cabin marched first on the scene no surprise their he thought Nike Cabin was by far the fastest even the Hermes kid would be lagging behind them."Archers to cover you two, and you two off to the side now keep their archers off our backs...whoever gets the most kills no chores for a WEEK!."he ordered out sharply they weren't Apollo Cabin but every Archer they had could easily compete in the Olympics and Androktasai were about to find that out the hard way especially now that he through a competition in the mix nothing drew out the best from them like a good competition. With the archers split up evenly and already letting lose a volley of arrows he turned his eyes on the enemies phalanx again."SPEARMEN shields up three men deep and march." those campers wielding spears, and shields formed up into their own phalanx five men wide, and three men deep just as ordered they would be the front line a counter phalanx to draw their enemies in.

Baron gripped the sword he held in his hand the rest his cabin's phalanx moving forward."The rest follow me...they think to use our tactics they should know better than to fight a Greek like a Greek."he laughs heartily to boost his cabin mate's morale for the fight to come."DOUBLE TIME NOW THROUGH THE GAPS....don't let the Archers take all the kills" everything was set in place now his plan either worked or it didn't, but he had trust in his team together they could overcome any obstacle. With arrows flying over head the Archers trading fire, and the two opposing phalanxes charged forward Baron, and the rest of his men made their move.

Shields, and Spears clashed together the charging phalanxes meeting in the middle at the exact moment Baron, and his squad of ten swords rushed through the back gaps of their phalanx moving out to the sides, and back in striking at the Androktasai too busy focusing on what was in front of them, and not the back line of the Nike Phalanx. A phalanx was strong from the front, but the sides , and back were the weakest. Baron, and his men used that weakness to their advantage cutting through the sides of the Androktasai line weakening the front in the process that was all his phalanx needed to break their front. Not long after the Androktasai force was routed those not cut down by the swords, and spears were picked off by the archers until they were well out of range fleeing from Nike Cabin.

Anything else you’d like to add?:
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read, and review my application.
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Postponed character has been shelved for the time being
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If you're still interested, this is accepted.
Posted Dec 2, 18
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I will be accepting this since I can now bring my Nike Character off the shelf
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