As written by Meta once originally, this is the map of all controlled territories between factions; and locations were battles will primarily take place, either between player led factions (Camp Jupiter, Norse, etc). Combat should be considered intelligent this way and should be used to the highest ability.

RP Mechanics
- The map is divided up into different territories separated by number and also the faction controlling them. In this instance, the color yellowish-orange would be the Greeks. The Romans would also fall under this color-scheme due to the loss of their territories as of recent events.

- The color red shades over territories controlled by monster or other hostile forces!

- Territories can be captured or lost, depending on events that dictate the control of these numbered territories. However, it is imperative that reason be used to determine which territories can be secured - For instance, the Greeks cannot hold the Aleutian Islands unless Alaska and the western coasts of America are held. As always, officers and players can consult me if they have questions that aren't answered here.

- Territories can hold alot of strategic importance, but not all regions are equal to one another. Some can offer strategic resources that strengthen your forces - Others make it convenient and speed up travel IRP to other regions, and others help ensure that something you don't want attacked, aren't.

1. The Aleutian Islands
+++ Imperial Gold Reserve
+ Naval Proficiency
A cold and regionally isolated stretch of various island systems, this affords useful protection and operates in the close vicinity of the Alaskan territory surrounding the Hubbard Glacier. Several coves and frigid bays allow for extensive naval forces to be stationed and protected against the elements and out of sight. However, a large mineral reserve of Imperial Gold has been reported in recent times by Roman surveyors.

2. Alaskan Territory
- Barren/Open Landscape, treacherous
++ Natural Fortification
An old and extremely cold region of Alaska, the Hubbard Glacier's surrounding land has seen several major battles including the late Praetor's expedition to retrieve the Standard. Once a great stronghold of Gaia, it fell into Roman control for a brief period of time. After their internal collapse during the Demititan War, it was lost to time and has not been reclaimed since.

3. Western Canadian Isles
++ Supply Reserves
A region of little recognition, it serves as a resting stop and links the Alaskan territory to New Rome itself in San Francisco for whomever's fleet decides to try and advance. In recent times, due to lack of manpower and equipment, there was a significant Roman pullout and thus left the island derelict; letting rogues and other brigands take control..

4. New Rome - Camp Jupiter
+++ Symbolic Settlement
+++ Strong Fortifications/Production
+++ Large Faction Home
This territory is the bastion of Roman Dominance in the entire country and beyond; trade between all factions flow through this city, and actually holds the majority of weaponized production as well. Even Greek Fire is produced in New Rome, which is Camp Half-Blood's prized weapon against any and all invaders who dare threaten them. The city and fort is well fortified, can easily be moved and mobilized in a different location should it prove dangerous.

5. Neptunian Gate
+++ Arcane Gift
+++ Speeds Up Voyage
- Lack of Defensive Structures/Features
This massive vortex of a gate allows naval passage that traverses great distances and allows those whom enter here, to enter into the Caribbean Sea. Maintained personally by the Lord of the Seas, this arcane gateway is fueled by the power of the tides and oceans themselves. There is no possible way to shut it off unless you control the ocean.

6. Baja California
++ Natural Protection
+ Naval Proximity
This area has yet to be conquered, and would offer a large naval base that could produce more ships and in return produce manpower that could man such a fleet.

7. Yucatan Peninsula [1]
+ Strategic Defenses
+ Food Supply
- Dangerous Waters
This part of the Yucatan Peninsula offers control of the southern half of the Gulf of Mexico and sustains a considerable presence on the western Caribbean. A supply cache and several facilities for improving naval vessels has also been maintained here in the American Civil War by demigods, but has long been abandoned since. Treacherous waters also distinguish this region well.

8. Yucatan Peninsula [2]
+++ Strategic Position
+++ Profitable
South of the Gulf of Mexico but directly presiding over the western edges of the Caribbean Sea, this region offers a natural reserve of fruit trees and rich cargo that could be used to sell off to other mythical companies. A small cove offers aid for a moderate number of vessels should they need repairs or rest, and can easily be fortified.

9. Louisiana Territory
- Lack of Defensive Structures/Features
--- Dangerous Waters
A tight maze of inland rivers and murky waters, this region was once the old reservoir of Gaia's troop production. A mysterious power destroyed her garrison here however, and could possibly be used for an ally to whomever desires to barter with it. In the American Civil War, another cache of extremely valuable cargo was left here - Rumored to be linked to the old Union naval blockade of the Confederacy.

10. Neptunian Gate
+++ Speeds Up Voyage
+++ Arcane Gift
- Lack of Defensive Structures/Features

An arcane gateway fed by the warm and cold waters, this is useful for those whom desire to traverse back to the Californian coastline and into the Pacific Ocean.
Maintained personally by the Lord of the Seas, this arcane gateway is fueled by the power of the tides and oceans themselves. There is no possible way to shut it off unless you control the ocean.

11. Everglades Trading Company
++ Defensive Fortifications/Features
+++ Profitable / Trading
This old trading company has existed ever since the American frontier resided at Florida and when it was still under Spanish colonial control. Having overseen and traded with Roman and Greek demigods before, it had eventually been bought out by an old demigod. It is said the trading company offers contracts to those whom seek them out, rewarding cash goods to those whom fulfill it within the Caribbean. Otherwise, they buy and sell equipment/merchandise and especially captured cargo.

12. Cuban Rock Isles
+++ Extremely Defendable Terrain
A major chokepoint, this section of the Caribbean sees tropical climates and warm temperatures that also sees several rocky reefs. This would also be the heart of the Caribbean Sea's territories. With a narrow corridor of deepwater, this area can definitely permit a variety of naval battles to occur. Otherwise, on the rocky spikes and cliffs, there lies old ruins of ancient civilizations, promising fortune to those whom are able to find it.

13. Nassau Archipelago
++ Naval Accessibility
+ Strategic Defenses
This location boasts clear waters and a paradise-esque region. However, it marks the entrance into the Caribbean Sea and thus the Sea of Monsters. Even so, the archipelago is adorned with rich resources stretching from food to fruits. However, it has been rumored that a unknown fleet fleet seeks to wrest control of the archipelago for unknown reasons.

14. Haiti
+ Defensive Features
- Lack of Natural Resources
A culturally vibrant island with diverse peoples, it unfortunately is a marker of danger to the Greeks and Romans whom dare to sail towards the eastern edges of the Sea of Monsters. Distinguished by treacherous storms and climates, the region also is residence to two calamity-level creatures. Even so, capture of one of the mythical islands generated by Gaia, would pose to give the master control of the eastern waters. However, it has been rumored that an unknown fleet seeks to wrest control of the archipelago for unknown reasons.

15. Aruba Coastline
+++ Freshwater Resources
+++ Strategic Position
- Lack of Defensive Structures/Features
An empty and uninhabited stretch of coastline that turns into a protective bay and port, the region affords control of the southern waters of the Sea of Monsters and thus, the Caribbean. An abundance of freshwater bodies would also riddle the interior of the landmass here, supplying those whom are in desperate need of clean drinking water. Some food supplies and whatnot can also be found, useful for selling as goods.

16. English Virgin Islands
+++ Extremely Defendable
+ Natural Resources
This location reigns to be one of the most formidable strongholds in the region, even moreso than New Rome. The islands lay host to a massive armada of unknown vessels, isolated from a smaller fleet with each and every island. An equal land-army of sea monsters are also gradually swelling in number here, rumored to be preparing for an offensive against a neighboring monster tribe...

17. ???
-+ ?
An unknown piece of territory, requiring further investigation. Rumors circulate about a dangerous place, one that would frighten off any fleet.

18. Camp Half-Blood
+++ Symbolic Settlement
+++ Strong Fortifications/Production
+++ Large Faction Home

The stronghold and home of the Greek demigods, it has now become the asylum for many demigods and demititans during the Demititan War, and served as a defender of Olympus during the greatest times of struggle. This land has a strong core of Centaurs and other mythological creatures that fight to protect the Gods; very difficult to conquer such a land, same as New Rome.

19. Nova Scotian Isles
-+ ?
A mysterious region with unpredictable weather conditions but decent currents, the islands here show old remains of other inhabitants besides Greeks and Romans. It can be presumed that those whom were once here, were no longer. Otherwise, further contents will need to be investigated in person. A large coastline is favorable for a beachhead here as well.

20. Great Lakes - Bleakridge
+++ Natural Resources
+++ Strategic Defenses
The entire Norse realm loyal to the city of Bleakridge encompasses itself around the Great Lakes. With the city surrounded by frigid waters and unpredictable iceberg passages, the Norse will likely never be besieged by a force from sea or land. Even so, the vast territories of the Norse grant them practically unopposed access to natural resources necessary for sustaining their population to survive, and with proper defenses fortifying them against foreign attack.

21. Isenhall
++ Strategic Defenses
A coastal fishing village loyal to the Norse city of Bleakridge, this is a colonial outskirt province that oversees the very southern edges of the Hudson Bay. Fishermen and whatnot thrive with the abundance of fish populations dwelling in the brackish waters, it is rare that they see any conflict at all. Even then, they're connected to the sea and offer the Norse of Bleakridge a route to the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

22. Inuit Isles
-+ ?
A mysterious system of minor islands in the southeastern portions of the Hudson Bay, it is laid claim to by mortal Inuits. Even so, it harbors mysterious powers that may be of interest to the Norse realm. Further investigation will be required.

23. Aegisa
+++ Profitable
+++ Strategic Position/Fortifications
Reigning as the capital city of Ivar, rivaling that of Bleakridge, this large settlement once was a Greek colonial settlement utilized by demigods in the late 19th century. Mystery veils what happened exactly, and lost records have hidden knowledge of this settlement from the Greeks and Romans. The settlement is in a well-defended cove with access to the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, permitting trade to flourish between the Norse, Greeks, and Romans.

24. Ivar Fjords
+++ Natural Resources
+++ Strategic Defenses
Once controlled by a mighty ruler known as Ivar, these lands are now abandoned and have yet to be claimed by even monsters.[/quote]