Hugo Aradia (Poseidon Cabin Leader Application)

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Camper Recruit
Real Life Information


What is your name?

How old are you? (Optional)


What is your gender? (Optional)


What is your IGN?


Do you have a Skype? If you are not comfortable with sharing the name in the application, message Nemiros.

Yes I do. Same as my IGN: TheShadowMatrix

How long have you been a member of Wizry?

Since about 2014. I was obsessed with Percy Jackson in whole at that time. Seeking a server that is based off of it.

How long have you roleplayed on Wizry?
About a week after I joined Wizry. Started off horribly but through repetition, I learned. It's the reason I'm even good at roleplaying.

How good at roleplay would you rate yourself (on a scale of 1-10)

I would rate myself an 7 at roleplaying.

What personal experience have you had as a leader?

At my school, I'm the President of the Student Council. My colleagues and I host many events to raise money for teacher needs for say: a projector or a smart board.

How active on the server are you?

I'm quite active actually. Roleplaying servers are one of my favorites. Especially with the powers, quests, and inheritance features.

Are you prepared to face the responsibilities and challenges of a Cabin Leader? Are you willing to face the sacrifice? Your Cabin Leader character will be priority in server events. Are you alright with that?

Yes I'm alright with that and would happily take on the challenges ahead if I'm accepted.

IRP Information


What is your character’s name?

Hugo Aradia

What is your character’s age?

Hugo Aradia is 16

What is your character’s gender?


Who is your character’s parent?

Neptune (But he left the legion)

Has your character ever been in a position of power beforehand?

No he has not.

Is your character Greek by blood?

No he isn’t.

What cabin are you applying for?

I'm applying for Cabin 3: Poseidon's Cabin.

What makes you believe your character is good for this job? Give various reasons why they should be accepted over other applicants.

Hugo comes from a legacy of warriors on his mother's side. He learned how to use his ancestral weapon to the point of being skilled. He uses both his weapon and his powers in combat, making them into a combo, almost dominating the battlefield.

What is your character’s personality like? Give details.

My character is charismatic, funny, friendly, strategic, determined, and caring. It makes him a good ally of his fellow campers.

Does your character know their potential fellow Cabin Leaders?

He knows Cassie, and Stella so far.

Give a brief summary of your character’s background.

Hugo’s ancestors were warriors, he seems to be on par with their skills, with the help of his father’s side. He was always adept at weapons. When he found out about his heritage, he combined his skills and his new found powers together for the most devastating damage.

Give a brief description of your character’s powers and abilities, including their qualities as a leader, if they have any.

He has an unnatural amount of charisma and can make others follow him. He has the water powers of Neptune to which he mixes it up with his sword combat, making him deadly. He has lead some demi-gods in desperate times.

List all the activities your character could lead. The activities are supposed to be related directly to their godly parent, and anything else they are good at.

1) He is great at swimming.
2) He loves to decimate people at underwater breathing competitions.

The following portion of the application will deal with your character’s reaction to certain situations. Respond clearly and with details! You will be graded on the effectiveness of your strategy, and on the creativeness of your strategy.

Story One

You and a fellow Cabin Leader have engaged in a dispute regarding a scandal of a fellow Cabin Leader. You do not have quite a sufficient amount of information to argue for or against the fellow Cabin Leader that is being spoken of. With the information your fellow Cabin Leader seems to have (whether true or not) they plan to report these rumors or facts directly to Chiron without calling a formal Cabin Leader meeting first.

How would your character go about investigating to uncover what is true or false? What steps would he or she take to make sure that this other Cabin Leader receives the proper treatment. Explain what could be done if the accused Cabin Leader is stable and these rumors are just that, rumors. Also explain in a separate paragraph the alternate scenario where these rumors are actually facts, what would your character do to make sure the everything is stable in Camp Half-Blood's leadership?


Give details about the strategy you take.

With my Charisma, I would attempt to persuade the cabin leader to not tell Chiron and how his/her intentions are completely asinine.. I would be asking that camp leader not to tell Chiron yet for I need to know exactly what happened. I would ask more people, making them swear on the River Styx to avoid biased responses, and gather a conclusion depending on the majority of the responses. If the rumors are rumors, I would tell the cabin leader who attempts to tell Chiron and persuade him or her that it is ONLY rumors.

If the rumors are true, I would call a Camp leader meeting , not telling the camp leader hoping to tell Chiron. I would bring him or her to it and close the door. If the other cabin leaders agree on a decision, we will act accordingly and determine what to do together.

Story Two.

Camp Half-Blood is under siege by Androktasai, female spirits of war and manslaughter. They come from the South of the camp armed with swords, spears and shields. There is about 50 Androktasai total and your cabin is the first to confront the incoming invaders. The Androktasai form a phalanx and push forth from the south while archers nock their bows from behind the formation. There are 3 areas of cover that can keep up to 2 people safe. You have 30 men at your disposal, half are spearmen, 10 are swordsmen and 5 are archers. How do you go about fighting off the incoming forces?

I would use the 3 areas of cover and place my archers there. They would be taking out some of the Androktasai while also bring attention to them. While the Androktasai are distracted, I would order 5 swordsmen to flank the Androktasai archers and soon the main force. By this time most of the Androktasai are out of formation, diverting their attention to the 5 swordsman and the archers. At this moment,the spearmen and the remaining swordmans would be the brute force. They would charge forward to fight the already confused Androktasai. 1 swordman per 3 spearman. Fighting together. The swordman covering their sides slashing as the spearmen stab forward and back. Either driving off their forces, or killing them all.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Nothing really. Just hoping I will get accepted.
Posted Oct 17, 18 · OP
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Matured Demigod
Accepted - A duel will be arranged with the current Poseidon CL to fight for the position.
Posted Oct 19, 18
Camper Recruit
I am so sorry. I wasn't able to be in contact with you, as I didn't have access to my computer. I have to cancel my application. I got some crap going on at home and will not be back on wizry until a long time from now. I would estimate 9 months. See you then.
Posted Oct 24, 18 · OP