Darkness of Worlds

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JAKE DIDN’T ALWAYS like new kids. This one was no exception. A fire killed his parents and no family to take care of him so they took him like a FedEx package and sent him here: a second rate orphanage where he would most likely live till he was old enough to live on his own. Everyone here got here a different way: parents couldn’t care for him/her, parents died, or, like half the kids there, including Jake, put there since birth for some reason that would haunt them forever. The kid’s name was Travis Woods. He looked weird, which made Jake like him less. His clothes looked like someone puked a rainbow that didn’t know how to look good. He needed crutches even though his legs seemed to work fine, and worst of all, wore a Red Sox cap in New York. Yet, with all the scenarios he was having in his mind, Paige, his best friend, was the first to talk to the new kid, like always. As she was chatting away, Jake turned to Kaz, his other best friend, and said.
“Ok, new kid over here. Paige is chumming him up like always so fingers crossed one of the others will take him in.”
As if on cue, Paige and Travis came along.
“Hey guys. This is Travis, Travis Woods.”
“Hello, nice to meet you.”
Then Paige got Jake and Kaz together and whispered “OK, Jake I know you don’t like new kids, but Travis is pretty cool. We should take him in.”
“What? Why?”
“He’ll never survive here without our help. He’d be dead or running for his life in a week.”
“He can’t run. He’s crippled.”
“Jake, you will be nice to him and that is final.”
They turned to face Travis.
“All right you’re in, but you follow our rules. Got it?”
“Yeah. I got it.”
They showed Travis around till curfew, then they hit the hay.
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This is a fanfic that I'm writing if you want to read more then let me know
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the first fanfic....

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